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Who is she?

Name: Molly Tucker
Tribe:Silver Fang Kinfolk
Notable Traits: Always into everything, of obvious mixed heritage, and uses a crutch to walk around.
Sept: Sept of the Gathering Tides

Her story Molly didn't know about Garou when she was 24 years old. She does now and and is quickly learning that it is not like the movies. Always busy, Molly tries to juggle working, school, dating, and just figuring out what it means to be kinfolk.

Who Is seen hanging around her

-Brigid O'Mannion
-Valen Cross
-Heart of Sokari


  • Molly wasn't always crippled. The story always starts with "hold my beer- watch this!"
  • She doesn't look or act like a Silver Fang. With her heritage, she could be anything!
  • She was dating a corax, but he went to hell or some place similar and her heart couldn't take it.
  • Is going to be a theurge, just doesn't know that kinfolk need not to apply.
  • Known to be part of the *Kinfolk Mafia* in being involved in efforts to shut down subdivisions of Pentex.



  • Spends her academic time doing research on the history of the Taino people. It's not uncommon to find her out with study groups cataloging and preparing pieces for study.

What do you have to share?

  • "I know her. She's young and still starry eyed with the whole shifters are real thing. I think she's pretty sharp and not one to complain always lending a hand. I really hope they don't burst her bubble to harshly." Cat
  • "You never know what will walk into your life at a time when you least expect it. Molly has been a spark of inspiration for a fox who has been inspired to do his best for Gaia and for the lives of the kinfolk." Valen Cross
  • "Molly has been extremely helpful in dealing with the Broken Lands. I will continue to work along side her." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Give up is not in her vocabulary. I am very happy I have had a chance to get to know this most remarkable woman." Olivia Whitefeather

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