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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mon Ra-El

Deed Name: Make it Rain

Notable Traits: Religious Background, Calm, Caregiver, Noble Soul, Protector of the Weak and Innocent, Lead Charity organizations.

Pack: Shadows of Bloodmire

Sept: Guardians of Calcasieu


Mon Ra-El background started on a rural orphanage in Pontevedra, Spain. Mon Ra-El is one of the identical twins that were abandon on the porch of Santa Ana de las cavernas at 2 am August 31 1979. Mon Ra-El is just a persona that the twins acquire, since the beginning both twins even in separate they behave as the same person and show no individuality, is almost they are telepathically connected.

Mon Ra-El persona start when the twins started talking. Both twins split the name that it was given to both in celebration of a Catholic Saint of the day they were abandoned, Saint Ramon. Both twins were referred by others orphans individually as El Ramon. One day the twins first word at age of 2 was Mon Ra-El and started to repeat it maniacally while took turns pointed each other.

At the age of 10, both twin decided to escape the orphanage because the local hospital diagnoses them with joint-split personality disorder and wanted to separate them and intern them as patients.

While taking turns on who Mon Ra-El was, Ramon fall sleep in a farm outside the city limits of Pontevedra, meanwhile Mon Ra-El decide to go back to the orphanage and lock all doors and make sure only partial records of them survive and guaranteed that it will be only one set of documents that will hide the truth of the twins and in a psychotic episode burned the orphanage and all the souls in it.

Realizing that the local hospital has documents that can lead to them Mon Ra-El decided to burn all living souls in the hospital as well any trace of the twin’s existence.

While back at the farm the owner found Ramon and after bring him inside started to asking him for his name while reheated half of a pizza in a wooden oven. Ramon realize that he has to lie and assume an identity. Ramon started to talk with a fake Italian accent and in attempt to fake his last name he makes up his last name using pizza and horno (oven) and convince the farmer he is Ramone Pizzorno the orphan of a recently killed by robbers unidentified Italian couple that came to Spain in order to make a decent life.

This 2 separate events that each experience makes the first dent of defining who is who. The farmer decides to take Ramone in a business trip he will do and tell Ramone that he lost his wife and son recently due to an illness. The farmer offers him shelter which he accepts gladly and with tears on his eyes. Ramone for first time have a loving father and forget about his alter twin ego.

Mon Ra-El arrived almost before Ramone and the farmer leaves to Madrid and tells Ramone what he did, which Ramone looks at his brother in terror and call him a soulless monster. And run to the farmer car and leaves Mon Ra-El behind.

Ramone have now guilt for abandon his brother and swear to learn all business trick the farmer can teach him so he can support his brother.

Mon Ra-El now pushed away by his other half and in a horrible pain, realized that he has committed the ultimate sin and try to outrun his shame.

Soon enough a Hermit Priest stop him and grab him from the shoulder and shakes him and asking from what he is escaping. Mon Ra-El tell the priest that he was trying to protect his brother and now he has committed a mortal sin. The priest looks at him and said: “Then you must atone for your sins helping others and when the time is right your brother will forgive you as well God”

Mon Ra-El clean his tears and shakes his head in agreement, Mon Ra-El vow to help the needy and atone for his sins and started to follow the priest and now have a deep religious personality but because of his shame never joint the church or try to become a priest until he is worth or the God, Christ and his brother forgiveness.

Little they know that their paths will always cross and they will see each other and most important they continue doing their switching game with no problem. Ramone will make money on shell companies and the stock market and donate 70% of the money so Mon Ra-El can atone his sins doing charity without Mon knowledge.

Everything went okay until one day Ramone decides to use Mon Ra-El Identity and travel to Aleppo where Mon was doing some charity worked heling the victims of war.

Little to know as soon both brothers encounter in Aleppo all hell breaks loose and the apocalypse hit them. Mon Ra-El the missionary dies on what the public knows a chemical attack. Ramone wakes up and see his brother cadaver with only a right eye and the crucifix Ramone bought to celebrate Mon dedication to atone for his past mistakes is not burned to the bone or destroyed enter in a rage that he never knew and it trigger his transformation.

Before he started to run Ramone grabs Mon crucifix and got out of the house remains and is approached by his new pack. When he was asked for a name had a panic attack and fear to be discover, loose everything and can’t tolerate the loss of his half, Ramone assume his brother identity and join his new brothers that can get him back to the US where he can further the twins charade discovering that this game can be very productive and good for business. Now Ramone and Mon Ra-El are one and they like the new feeling. Now is to discover the biggest mystery of his life, who are his parents and his pack can help him to find out or at least both hope.


  • Entrepreneur
  • Catholic Misionare
  • Crazy

OOC Information

Player: R.E.P

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Storyteller: Patrick D.

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Location: Lake Charle, LA, USA.