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A Walk to the Grave

By its sole location, Montréal attracts. The City in itself, even before her foundation, was coveted for its numerous natural benefits; a mountain, surrounded by fertile plains, surrounded by water. Out of a bountiful river, Nature had created the most ideal fort. Forts have war and blood as a natural history, alternating at a breakneck pace with peaceful periods that are never to last.

During the 1980s, Montréal saw the rise of the Sabbat within its enclave. For almost two decades they held this fort without opposition, until the nighttime dealings started seeping into daylight hours. In 1994, the Biker’s War started. It is unclear if this was caused directly by Sabbat manipulation gone wrong or mortal uprising, but the Camarilla seized the occasion to launch an attack on the Sabbat's spiritual capital until, in 1999, the Elder Toreador Laurence D'Argent was able to claim Praxis in the name of the Ivory Tower.

Just in time for the Red Star's arrival.

The madness spared no one. It stirred the Anarch Movement into action, siding with the Camarilla and issuing a Call to Arms. The fires of battle roared back to life with a vengeance. The Gentlemen’s Civil Alliance survived in spite of bloody battles and tragic losses.

But retaliation was always forthcoming. The Sword of Caine struck back with overwhelming numbers, and no sect was spared its wrath, until a strange pattern started to emerge: Kindred were disappearing with no apparent sect distinction, or even sanction. Some immediately saw the threat of Hunters for what it was, others dismissed the evidence. Those who rightly feared the mortals put aside their differences to survive. The Sabbat, drunk with success, ignored it. The Camarilla Elders, too encrusted in tradition to actively defend their own, systematically disappeared.

Faced with a constant barrage of Sabbat incursions that would only exacerbate the Hunter problem, the turmoil pushed Prince d’Argent’s to set up a final trap for the Sabbat attackers; the aptly-named Last Elysium, which left a burning ruin of Complexe Desjardins where there was once the seat of Kindred power in the city. The destruction was complete; the sacrifices, unheard of. Once again, Kindred played dead, and the remaining Elders waited.

Soon the rumors came saying that far away, in the city of Chicago, a Treaty was signed. The War with the Sabbat was over... but was it? Where once there were Sabbat packs, the sigil of a strange Black Sun was appearing, and the violence still refused to die. The City was left standing, but the Kindred of Montréal were far from safe.

But it was time to rise again and to walk... to their grave if they had to.

Montréal, QC is a jointly-controlled Domain with an Independent Alliance enclave.

Theme: Last Resort Alliances for Survival
Mood: Cold War Intrigue
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: the Masquerade

OOC Game Information

Venue Storyteller (VST):Patric Gagner
VST Email:
Assistant VSTs:
Domain Coordinator (DC): Christian Major
Domain Storyteller (DST): Quinn Kurenda
Game OOC Location: Montreal Masonic Temple
Game Days: 3rd Saturday of each month
Downtimes Due: 4th Sunday of each month (one week after game)


Mount Royal Chalet and Observatory The Mewsical
Keeper of Elysium: Mr. Blackett, Camarilla
Established: 2017
Designation: Cross-sect Elysium; neutral meeting ground


The Janus Coin

Known Residents of the Domain (the Others)

Important Places