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Montreal, Spiritual Seat of the Sabbat

The Tribulations of the Diocese-in-Exile

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OOC Information

Venue Storyteller: Jimmy Phule & Christian Major

Venue Style Sheet: Soon

Facebook: VtM: Southshore Sabbat - Canada at Midnight 2017 Facebook Group

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Schedule: 2nd Saturday of the Month




Archbishop: Garan
Bishop of the People: Devana Zantosa
Bishop of Resources & Humanitas: Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora
Bishop of the Land & Security: Kiril Kuznetsov
Bishop of War: Ognyan
Bishop of Secrets: Mx. Pya Obertus


Bunch of Ill-Adjusted Reprobates

Name Clan Path Faction Position
KK Ryder Gangrel (Coyote) Cathari Loyalist Ductus
Lucian Antonescu Ravnos Ravnos Humanity Order of St. Blaise Priest
Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora Lasombra Humanity Order of St. Blaise Abbot
The Basilisk Malkavian Metamorphosis Black Hand -
Siffer Yvan Xander (SYX) Pander Honorable Accord Moderate Templar

The Pack That Has Yet To Be Named

Name Clan Path Faction Position
Elias Nosferatu (Hibernian) Unknown Inquisition Ductus
Mia Malkavian Unknown - -
Randy "Arty" Tate Pander Humanity Pander Movement Priest
Kate Lasombra Cathari Unknown -

Herald of the Voievodat

Name Clan Path Faction Position
Mx. Pya Obertus Tzimisce Metamorphosis Neo-feudalists Ductus

Ognyan Tzimisce Power and the Inner Voice Neo-feudalists Priest
Mattyas Szendrey Bratovitch Tzimisce Metamorphosis Neo-feudalists Abbot
Devana Zantosa Tzimisce Metamorphosis Moderate -
Garan Coyote Feral Hearth Neo-feudalists
Vojtech Grimaldi Grimaldi Revenant Humanity N/A

Other Residents

Name Clan Path Faction Affiliation

Kiril Kuznetsov Tremere Caine - -
Lamb Nosferatu Humanity - Sabbat
The Archivist Kiasyd Path of Caine Unknown Sabbat
Érynie Westerna Toreador Humanity Unknown Sabbat

Veles Bratovitch Tzimisce Metamorphosis Neo-feudalists -
Asariel Salubri - - -

Frequent Visitors

Name Clan Faction Domain



Also known as The Prince's End or The Ivory Cage, L'Écarlate is a nightclub in downtown Longueuil that was established in 2003 by the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates to be used as a rack and haven, free to use for all local and visiting True Sabbat. It also occasionally serves as a hub for the diocese's gatherings.
It's in a twelve floors, two basements building owned by Lucian Antonescu Ravnos and it includes a primary dance floor, bar, and stage on the ground floor with catwalks and a lounge overlooking the revelries.
Upstairs are rooms with anything a Cathari may desire, as well as a Kindred-only floor with sleeping areas and other comforts. The floors above that serve as a luxurious hotel.
The basements are divided into several sections: a second dance floor, a BDSM dungeon, a fight cage with stands for sport and the occasional Monomacy, a restricted no-rules VIP lounge, and a large room for receptions and special requests.
L'Écarlate has earned a reputation both as an upscale, exclusive nightclub and, simultaneously, as a hive of villainy and debauchery.

Only a few rules must be respected inside the club to ensure it remains secure:

  • Mind the Silence! The cameras are only monitored by kin and ghoul and recording equipment of any kind is forbidden to the humans so kine have quite a bit of freedom. However, as always, certain limits must be observed.
  • If you're not on the path of Humanity, you can unfortunately not roam freely on the main dance floor. Instead, we offer the basement; where humans expect the freaky and unusual.
  • No conspicuous consumptions except on request, on target mortals vetted and marked specifically for that purpose to avoid unwanted attention.

Needless to say, draconian measures are taken to keep L'Écarlate unmolested by hunters and other mortals.

The Carniu Gri Hall


Fort Chambly

Fort Chambly is a historic fort in La Vallée-du-Richelieu Regional County Municipality, Quebec. The fort is designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. Fort Richelieu was part of a series of five forts built along the Richelieu River. The forts were built in order to protect travellers on the river from the Iroquois. The region is informally known as la Vallée-des-Forts. The grounds surrounding the forts is vast; there is a an eerie garden adjacent to a greenhouse and many animals such as crows, dogs and cats. A perpetual low fog is rolling and coiling around. The walls rise to 35 feet of stone and the gate is a massive wooden portcullis.

Since the destruction of the House of Flesh the fort has suffered a massive explosion and fire. the whole place is little more than a giant smoking crater.

Another place?

  • TBA
  • Todd's club Gym\Le Club du Todd "Open Late,because fitness never sleeps." Todd's club locations Brossard, St.Lambert-HQ, La Salle.
  • Smoke Meat Pete's "you Can’t Beat Pete’s Meat."- Franchise across the island and shore.


  • A podcast has crept up on the internet which seems to imply it's coming from someone in the diocese, calling themselves DJ Sharkey. CKSBAT "The Bat"
  • A gigantic display was recently installed on the Jacques-Cartier bridge, seemingly counting down the days to Canada Day 2019. Could it have another meaning?