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Commonly Known Information

Name: Mordechai
Notable Traits: Angelic Visage
Society: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Lineage: House Pythia
City: Hilo, Hawaii
Pack: Ultima Ratio Regum
Faction: Loyalist

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1971 - Born in New York City, NY to Emilio and Jenny Guitierrez as Thomas Guitierrez. Thomas\'s life is relatively easy, his family is somewhat wealthy, and Thomas goes from private school to private school until he enters Beekman School. There, he meets Gary Keller, a fellow student who introduces Thomas to goth and industrial music, as well as supernatural and occult books and music.
1986 to 1991 - Thomas starts dressing like a goth and starts going clubbing. He experiments with drugs and his grades start to slip. His father begins corrective action and Thomas behaves for a while. Upon graduating the Beekman School, he enrolls in Columbia and manages to finish out his first year. He reverts to old habits and begins dressing the part, falling head first into drugs and music.
1992 - 2000 Thomas is embraced after being stalked by his sire outside of the Stigmata club. Thomas remains in New York, changing his name to Mordechai. Mordechai learns from his sire, falling in with a number of other Sabbat who form a pack called The Damned. The Damned travels throughout the North East, earning the wrath of several packs and Cainites. Mordechai\'s behavior at gatherings, suspected involvement in the failure of rituals and general attitude are to blame. The Damned leave Mordechai in New York, hoping he gets abducted by the Camarilla. He doesn\'t thanks to the members of his next pack, Abaddon.
2000 - 2005: Mordechai moves throughout the country with his pack until they are called to help with various tasks. Morechai excels in occult matters, but fails in others and is eventually challenged to monomacy. He succeeds, barely, with his life. This is his first exposure to the Orthodoxy.
2005 to 2010: Mordechai finds another pack as the world changes around him. He reverts to bad habits, drinking drugged blood and spending elaborate sums of money on parties and clubs. His pack keeps him around long enough to leave him in Los Angeles. There, Mordechai hears of an occult gathering in Phoenix. He arrives outside of Phoenix in 2010 and finds himself with a new pack and a new purpose.
2010 to 2017: Mordechai and his pack perform deeds and pledge themselves anew to the Sabbat after he cleans up his act. This remains true until late 2016 when Mordechai reverts to old habits and is subsequently left in the middle of the Nevada desert.
2017: Mordechai finds his old packmates now calling themselves The Glamour. He rejoins them and continues to be fabulous.

- July: Half of the Glamour Pack finds themselves in Mexico City.
- November: Glamour finds itself in Southern California.

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-- Mordechai adores purple cheetah print leggings and crocs. Send him presents.
-- Mordechai eats babies.
-- Mordechai diablerizes Orthodox PC's only.


  • "Praise ketamine!"
  • "Where...where are we, and how did we get to this shithole?"
  • "Wasn't that Bella Legosi? Or was that a Black Hand? They look alike, so I can't tell."
  • "Oh look, Cardinal Hatefuck is here. Where's a frenzying Gangrel when you need them?"
  • "That bitch? If he tells you that he is 'communing with the abyss' he is just sitting in a blackout room at 2AM listening to Morrisey and crying blood into a Ben and Jerrys" - Augustus St. Cloud
  • "I fucking hate that bitch! I'd love nothing more than gutting him and flossing his insides with his own fucking entrails!" - Johnny Bellamy
  • "I'm reasonably sure he's entirely insane, but I don't count that as a negative, truth be told. He's entertaining, and damn good at what he does when he feels like it. However, if he calls me a Tremere one more damn time..." - Scytale
  • "Partying with Mordechai is worth every month after spent cleaning up the mess we make." - Valerie Evans
  • "Listen, I will happily buy out a cartel if that means a week of peace on the forums from him and his incessant bullshit shitposting!' - Gabriel Thompson
  • "I am glad I lost my sight long before I was embraced. Otherwise I would have to actually read the nonsense you send over the Internet to the rest of the Sword." - Astraea
  • "I still think making him actually care about something stands as one of my greatest achievements in the past decade. That said, I'm as fond of him as I am the rest of Glamour." - Serafino Morreti
  • "Listen, I have no issue with the Glamour Pack. Most of them sound like they do right when it is needed, and all of them have yet to show a lack of thumbs. Mordechai was someone I used to wonder if Caine was punishing us by allowing him to speak, but lately...I dunno, I get a feeling they are seeing things we are not, and not in the drug induced manner." Paladin Thompson
  • "Rocks clutched tightly, blood adorned like pearls, a brother felled. Are you the Caine or the Abel?" - Verkenner
  • "Loud, obnoxious, and generally annoying. The fact he has not had his blood reclaimed yet shows that he does serve a purpose within the Sword. Sadly, I cannot tell exactly what it is" Tyrus
  • "It's these moments of absolute truth that we keep you around for, Mordechai. That and the unhinged outbreaks of devastating violence." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "Bawk, bawk bawk. Ba-ba-bawk. Bawk...bawk." - Clara the 7th
  • "I fucking love this punk bitch! My favorite diva, outside of myself!" - Johnny Bellamy
  • "So many occasions for relevance. So many typed words leading.. nowhere? Know-where? Don't ask them. Don't ask anyone. Sometimes the only reason for existence is accident." - The Basilisk
  • "I do loath boring and this one is not boring." - Julia Leblanc
  • "When my buddy reads me them Sabbat lists, this fucker's one of the few who don't sound like a total jabroni." - Anthony Bologna
  • "He's entertaining, to say the least. Exhausting, but entertaining." - Daniella Redding
  • "Such a treat. Always nice to see another right proper loyalist." - Vincent Waldren
  • "Have to respect a member of the sword who can wear a crown for as long as them and still keep their head. Or is beheading too french for us now. Ill sit with them at a table any time any day. It would be a treat to see who could be most insulting ." - Kara Wells
  • "Mordechai is odd, a reminder that to be serious about a cause one doesn't have to be stone cold and standoffish all of the time. Someone with certainly always interesting to say, a comfort in a world gone hateful. Also has good drugs. Protip, if you're given something with the precursor of 'I got this from the Glamour Pack', don't make plans in which you have to be sober for a while...not that I do drugs." - Rosemary Macht

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Friends, Allies, Enemies, Frenemies, etc.

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