Morgan Ashbury

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Morgan Ashbury


Born: 1346 CE
Embrace date: 1488 CE
Generation: 6th
Clan: Tremere
In Service to: Meerlinda
Sire: Alexander Short
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Current Location: The Chantry of the Dying Words
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade
ST Point of Contact: AANST Camarilla
ST Point of Contact: AANST Tremere Gargoyle


Physical Description

Morgan spent over 100 years as a ghoul in Meerlinda’s UK chantry. She had learned Obfuscate and some wicked form of sorcery from a local Nosferatu when she was stolen by Meerlinda. She still knows these secrets and uses her powers to change her appearance. She wears suits, and since her name is gender neutral, often appears androgynous. Her clothing choices are always sharply tailored suits and bowties. Sometimes she accentuates this with an element of glam rock, like David Bowie makeup.

Brief History

Born in 1346 during the Battle of St Pol de Léon to a nurse traveling with the House of Blois. Her mother fled the battlefield as the French were routed and the child, Morgan, was found among the castoff body parts of the traveling surgeon. Raised in the home of Sir Thomas Dagworth, soldiers would come to see and touch the child as a miracle pilgrimage during the Hundred Years War.

As she grew, the miracle child found life easy and boring. She learned many languages and was especially adept at strange and old tomes. It was said that she learned the French of her mother without ever hearing a word of it spoken. Morgan decided that this miracle, like many others, could be easily disproved. Many of the people around her spoke French. She saw nothing but lies and superstition in people’s beliefs. It should come as no surprise that she did not believe Meerlinda and Alexander Short when they introduced themselves as vampires. Young Tremere still tell the story of the apprentice who had to be convinced by Meerlinda, who was seeking a caretaker for her collection of languages. Meerlinda saw that Morgan would be the best choice.

Morgan was convinced and brought into Clan Tremere. Her magical aptitude has never been as good as her superior levels of Auspex, but that’s why she was chosen. Morgan Ashbury, Pontifex of the Fifth Circle of Mysteries, has held such rank for nearly two and a half centuries. She was one of the First Lords of Europe with realms in the Balkans and Northern Mediterranean. Few meet her these nights, or if they do, don't speak on it, as there is little reason to do so. She has contact with Lords at most. In the modern nights, Morgan is a Pontifex and travels all across America, pursuing the varied and secret goals of her masters.

Chantry Description

The location of The Chantry of the Dying Words is known only to the smallest group of kindred. Some say it is near Hollywood, others say it’s near New Orleans. The secrets they keep are embers of dying and dead languages. Ever since her time as a mortal, Meerlinda has had a fascination with lost tongues. At first, she would ghoul mortals who knew rare and dying languages. Later, this proved to be a burden, as she collected more and more. Then, she started ordering weak blooded Tremere to embrace them, staking them or putting them into torpor. She even found spirits who knew rare languages and imprisoned them as well. However, Meerlinda is a busy woman. She never had the time to devote to learning and memorizing all these odd and strange tongues. She directed members of her lineage to keep and caretake her growing “library.” She rarely visits and has since moved the entire catacomb of corpses from the UK to a modern facility in the United States. Access to the secrets within make the caretaker of the The Chantry of the Dying Words quite powerful. Morgan has used and bargained with her catalogue of secret words to become a powerful Pontifex whose region extends across the entire United States. With enough time and careful application of Auspex, Morgan has access to many languages thought erased.

Known Childer

  • None

Known Lords

Known Acolytes, Apprentices, Magisters

Morgan has a fully staffed chantry that appears as a modern crypt. The tombs are carefully maintained by her hand picked staff.


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