Morgan Evans

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Morgan Evans

Character Information


Name: Morgan Evans

Notable Traits: The Chef

Faction: Loyalist, formerly the Pander Movement

Status: initiated, ordained

Pack: Nightwatch

Clan: Toreado-Antitribu

Pronouns: They/them


19LN0916-22 xlarge.jpg

Morgan was embraced in the 1970s by a tower Toreador who ended up being disappointed with their progeny for some reason. The disappointment was mutual, and Morgan and their sire soon parted ways. Morgan traveled from city to city, embracing local culinary traditions, and pushing the limits of androgyny. This native .... whatever... of Martinique has come home at last, after many years of traveling. They have found a new pack, and are settling into life on the island, doing catering for very select events.


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  • Morgan is a cannibal.
  • Morgan feeds solely on the blood of lemons.
  • Seeing as Morgan is a cannibal and feeds on the blood of lemons, Morgan is in fact a vampiric lemon.
  • Gordon Ramsey is really their jealous Brood mate. Why would anyone be so angry in a kitchen. Oh Wait..Morgan outclassed them again.
  • Seven herbs and secret spices...coke, ecstasy, and a dash of PCP for starters. Thank you Aaron.


  • "Having a tough night? Ask them for a lemon to throw. Therapeutic and fun!" - Prescott Grimaldi
  • "They are my cousin in blood and my sibling in spirit. I know they have my back, and i have theirs. Don't. Fuck. With. Them. You'll regret it." -Valerie Evans
  • "It has been a long time since someone has given me a true challenge in bartending. And their cooking is to die for." - Avery Dunn
  • "Never stash your drugs in the kitchen coke won't help your cake rise nor does sugar hold any street cred." Aaron Knight



  • Aaron Knight: Patron

Street Food Truck


  • Morgan prefers function over frills when it comes to cooking. Take one semi turned into a mini master's kitchen.
  • Serving up area street food and custom pies.
  • Voted best late night dining experience by local tourism and visitors bureau.
  • If Morgan can't make it, you don't need it.

OOC Information

Player: Beth D.

Player Email: US2002022746

Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi

Storyteller Email: