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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Morgana "Momfriend" Pine

Notable Traits: Swishes. Is a hugger. Best Yenta. In perpetual motion. Frequently leaves conspicuously shiny coins in sunny places.

Pack: Pack totem is Owl. Name is currently up for debate.

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Spring


She's never said exactly for how long she's been smuggling items of cultural and garou significance, but for some time she's been involved in securing items and bringing them to a safe place.

She's been in almost constant motion since arriving to Austin in a flurry of meeting, greeting, and coordinating in fighting the wyrm. She's been there to support and witness the trials and rites of the cubs she's looking after, and uses many opportunities to (as yet not literally) sing their praises. She can frequently be seen to tap, sway or snap when juggling multiple conversations, planning several missions at once, or otherwise managing multiple objectives. It's not that uncommon.


  • "Momfriend is a special kind of person. I didn't think I'd like her at first--and I didn't, really--but she grows on you. Maybe that's because we have the same attitude on many fronts. Or maybe she just won't take you not liking her for an answer. She's pretty good at not accepting answers she doesn't like and substituting her own." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "It is rare to find someone as gifted with finding truth as her." - Tsomo
  • "She is far stronger than she thinks. Her dedication and her heart will take her places no one else could reach." - Tsomo
  • "She seems so... human . She bears further scrutiny." - Josiah
  • "Oh, the Den Mother! She and I could likely go on for hours! What a delight!" - Felicity Faire
  • "I am at a loss... I really don't want to talk about it right now." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "Your Quote." - Your Name


  • Anything under 90F degrees qualifies as "sweater weather". So far, no one has seen her in the same sweater twice.
  • Seems to be a capable crafter in every sort of textile craft visibly practiced so far? Remains eager to teach anyone she can corner with a pair of knitting needles/crochet hook/embroidery needles.
  • Rumor here. Rumor everywhere. More!

OOC Information

Player: Aidenn O.

Player Email: [1]

Storyteller: Stephanie W.

Storyteller Email: Email

Location: Austin, TX