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Commonly Known Information

Nicknames or Aliases: None

Notable Traits: Smells Strongly of Roses, Wears All Black Clothing, Likes Fur, Dislikes Leaving His Home

Society: Anarch

Clan: Malkavian


Born a lowborn in the quiet Roman city of Trier in now Modern day Germany Morgen led a humble life of a scribe until falling upon a secret note written in a strange musical code. Ever the inquisitive one Morgen set about deciphering it in the comfort of his small home. Only too late did he discover that the note detailed plans to assassinate a minor noble in the area meaning that the assassins would likely come for him as well.

Working day and night in an effort to decipher and then memorize the note Morgen had hoped that if he was the only source of information he could at least stave off his death for long enough to gain some kind of leverage. Unfortunately for him this proved futile and before he could his knowledge to bribe the assassins for his life he was captured, tortured, and left moments away from death.

Left broken both physically and mentally fate would allow a kindred named Necross to stumble upon him and embrace him. And while Morgen now remembers little from that first fateful encounter with his sire or his later accounting period eventually Morgen settled down in a small alpine observatory where he could lead a peaceful life building knowledge and researching to his heart's content.

For centuries he used his prophetic powers to aid those who sought his help and embraced another like him to assist him with his work. But such a peaceful life was not what fate had in mind for Morgen. Centuries after his embrace he began to become aware that those assassins who had originally attempted to kill him were kindred themselves and were now seeking to finish the job they started for reasons unknown to him. This culminated with an attempt on his life in 1100AD which Morgen only barely escaped from.

Taking precautions to hide himself Morgen was surprised to hear news of the Anarch Revolt and publicly joined remembering the feeling of being a lowborn mortal kept down by those families who were simply born into a better life with older families. With that Morgen's childe was sent out to ferry messages and Morgen's prophecies to other Anarchs in an attempt to help them beat back the tyranny of the elders.

But eventually the revolt was crushed and Morgen quietly accepted the defeat going back to researching and assisting others members of the Camarilla in their fight against the sabat with his visions. And those that he assisted were more than happy to return the favor one late night in 1612AD.

It was on that night that Morgen's observatory was assaulted by the Sabat. An outnumbered group of kindred stood with Morgen as they defended the observatory in the forests of Trier for several nights until finally they emerged victorious. But after the battle was won Morgen's childer abandoned their home noting that it was now too dangerous for them to stay. But Morgen stayed refusing to be uprooted by his enemies.

It was not until 1910 that Morgen finally left and made his way to America sensing tumultuous times ahead for his native land. Once he more or less legally immigrated he settled down in Lake Charles, Lousiana where he made his new home. It was there that he cultivated a strange power base and oddly enough declined to take the city for the new burgeoning movement when the new breed of anarchs began to rise up. Instead he used his prophetic powers to weed out potential disasters in the city working with both Camarilla members and members of the new Movement to keep the city safe and secure during those chaotic decades.

However, in 1999, Morgen began to feel the weight of his years weighing him down and weeks before the week of nightmares he placed himself into voluntary torpor. Ever since that day nearly two decades ago he has slept quietly as his city changed around him.


  • Morgan forges sympathetic connections for his dark rituals by methods involving Cocoa
  • Morgan owns numerous tombs of untold power and dark knowledge.

The House of Morgen

After the defeat of the original Anarch Revolt Morgen saw that such political strife can easily obfuscate hidden exterior threats to his kind. As a result he dedicated his unlife to creating a lineage that would insure that kindred society would survive by assisting others through research and beating back any plots that would harm kindred of the Camarilla or Anarch Movment.

Morgen has set various standards for those of his line are allowed to sire. As a result members of this house are renowned for their learned natures, prophetic abilities, and dedication to ferreting out disasters before they can strike.


  • Ilythia L'ange Du Val (Camarilla; Crusader Ventrue): Assisted Elder Du Val long ago by providing information on mental illness in kindred.
  • Zeth Hope Agmundr (Unaligned; Brujha): Shared a prophetic vision and brought news to Morgen of the Anarch revolt.
  • Ailis Cárthach (Camarilla; Malkavian): Sought safe haven with Morgen from 1468 - 1480. During this time she assisted with his herd and his written correspondence.
  • Jack Holloway (Anarch; Malkavian): Morgen was friends with Jack's sire, Qalandar the Seer, and his grandsire, Vertiline Stewart, who are now deceased.
  • Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani (Camarilla; Assamite): Began to trade academic papers in 1773 when the Imperial School of Naval Engeneering was founded in Istanbul. They have kept up correspondence ever since.
  • Twitch (Anarch; Nosferatu): Traded secrets with Twitch upon his arrival in Lake Charles and is said to keep in contact with him.
  • Jentry Nix (Anarch; Toreador): Worked with Jentry as her pseudo-Therapist from 1996 - 1997 while reintroducing her to kindred society.

Public Boons Held

  • Twitch: 1 Minor

Public Boons Owed

  • Twitch: 1 Minor, 2 Trivial

OOC Information

Player: Patrick Deaville

Player Email:

Storyteller: EJ Lastrapes

Storyteller Email:

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana