Moriarty Lovegood

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Moriarty Lovegood

Notable Traits: Work in Progress.

Titles: Emissary

Sect: Independent Alliance

Clan: Followers of Set

Lineage: Work in Progress.

Generation: 9th (Ancilla)

Sire: Work in Progress.

Childer: Work in Progress.

Broodmates: Work in Progress.

Abiding Status: Venerated, Established

Fleeting Status:

Appearance: Work in Progress.

Common Knowledge: Moriarty, as he is calling himself these nights, is the walking epitome of tragedy. The fourth son of a landed noble, he had no hopes of any real advancement in society, so he followed his passion of archaeology. This led him to the Holy Land, where his life would be changed forever. Already a man of little moral character, he ran into some trouble after cheating some local tomb robbers of an artifact they had recently acquired. Unbeknownst to him, they had retrieved it for a creature that would one night open his eyes to a new world.

Thinking he had gotten away with it, Moriarty continued his nightly rituals of debauchery, not realizing his actions were being watched. One night, he encountered a dark stranger in an opium den, and everything afterwards went black. He would later awaken a changed man. Like a snake, he shed his mortal coil for a new form. He would later learn of his new life, and a world of sin beyond anything even his deranged mind could imagine. He would spend only a short time with his sire, but he would learn so much about his new condition and the world they lived in. As his knowledge and power grew, so too did his desire for more. Finally the night came when he would say farewell to the creature that had enlightened him to a new sphere of existence.


- He's actually a Toreador infiltrating the Followers of Set.

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Player Bio

Player: Shane E.

Player Email:

Location: Work in Progress.