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Death is one of the strongest driving force in life, once stripped of this urgency...what is one to do but find some other motivation. You can't expect me to endorse stripping someone from part of what defines their life, that's just wrong. My unlife isn't worth more than their living breathing existence. Humanity is what keeps us connected, doesn't have anything to do with denying the Beast and all to do with embracing what we should strive to keep. ~Morrigan~


By Galindo Quinto, President of Montreal
By Laval Anarch Mouvement

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Known Collaborators

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I drew the tales of many lives, And wore the faces of my own - Rose Tattoo

Commonly Known Information

Name: Morrigan
Notable Traits: Likes to change her appearance, refuses to answer to being called a Follower, fond of sweets and coffee
Society: Anarch Movement
Clan: Setite

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace:

-Born in 1990, Manhattan, USA


  • Embrace:

-Originally from NY, likely embraced in Brooklyn

-Embraced in 2015

Personality traits

Morrigan isn't easy to adress despite her rather social disposition, she can be aloof as she's struggling to understand emotions at time. She's rather blunt and won't mince her word but she's actually caring and kind hearted granted you can gain her trust. She does have a knack for making the weirdest of friends and doesn't care much for clan moreso than individual themselves.

She's straightforward and very keen on battling and getting rids of demon's past (don't we all...), she's fluent in French and English. She has a few touchy topic that can show how much of a mean streak she has but she does favor being tempered rather than expressive.

Does a very good raspberry moka, doesn't like black licorice


  • Morrigan is an exceptionally talented, unbonded ghoul.
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Quotes about Morrigan

  • "My counterpart in the Anarch movement here in Montreal, Frank, constantly impresses me. His elevation of Morrigan to Deputy Keeper is no exception." - Mr. Blackett
  • "Hey, Morrigan, I know this might be, like, an overly personal question, but were you raised in a cult?" - Simon Walker
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OOC Information
Player: Viviane Laferté
Player email:
C@M Number:CA2017091515
VST: Audrey Gravel
Domain: Montreal, QC

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