Morrigan McManus

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In Your Face (Commonly Known Information)

Name: “The Morrigan” McManus
Notable Traits: Known for her loud mouth and short temper, Morrigan is originally from Ireland, though no one knows for how long she lived there. Originally of the Constructionist Camp, Morrigan is now an open member of the Nihilist Camp within the Movement, and is rarely if ever seen without her coterie mate Andrew Thornton.
Morrigan has the Notorious Flaw
Sect: Anarch Movement
Clan: Brujah
Gang Divine Intervention

The War of Passion (Biography)

Embraced some time around WWII, some people say war never stopped for Morrigan. Originally of the Constructionsts faction in the Anarch Movement, over her years as a Kindred she has become more and more pessimistic about all of the Sects. She still feels the Anarchs have it the most right, and while she might one day start a revolution on her own, she and her gang mate do not an army make - so this will do, for now.
Known for being a hired hand to aid the Movement, Morrigan’s actions and words don’t always align themselves - she speaks out against established Sects and Governance of all Kindred as corrupt and in need of destruction to a true Kindred Anarchy of every man for himself and survival of the fittest, but at the same time will aid Anarch Free States in fighting off those who would oppress or threaten them with fervor and dedication.
No one is entirely sure when Andrew and Morrigan became inseparable, just that originally they weren’t, and then one day they were, and since that day no one has ever seen one without the other. At least not and lived to tell about it...
Character Soundtrack
The Morrigan - Heather Dale
Professional Griefers - deadmau5, Gerard Way
Indestructible - Disturbed
You’re Going Down - Sick Puppies
Courtesy Call - Thousand Foot Krutch
Bodies - Drowning Pool
Baby You’re a Haunted House - Gerard Way

Throne of Bones (Quotes About Morrigan)

What The Crows Say (Rumors)

  • Is an irreverent, loud, stupid Brujah
  • Was present for the Anarch Take over of Berlin
  • Never knew her sire
  • Is Rosie the Riveter
  • Things break frequently when she is around - windows, doors, Ming Vases, noses, bones, tempers, furniture, Sabbat faces, Ventrue parts and property…
  • There was once another member of their gang, but Morrigan and Andrew refuse to talk about it.

OOC Information

Player: Miranda Harrell
Player Email:
Storyteller: Sam Gerace
Storyteller Email:
Location: Rome/Cartersville, GA

OOC Timeline

If you would like to make ties with Morrigan, feel free to email Miranda Harrell
1909 - Dublin Ireland as Brighid Willamina McManus
1918 - Mother leaves father and comes to America with Morrigan as a child to avoid the Irish War of Independence
1944 - Fatally injured in a Factory accident while building things for WWII, Brighid is embraced by a female, Anarch Brujah.
1946 - Brighid is released from accounting by Local Advocate when sire is killed in a Sabbat attack
1950 - Meets Andrew Thornton
1951 - Oversees Hazing and Commitment of Thornton into the Anarchs
1951-2005 - Travelling around doing Mercenary work for Anarch Domains, Brighid gained Notoriety for her short fuse, loud mouth and what is perceived as a bloodthirsty approach to literally everything, and has the Nickname of “The Morrigan” assigned to her in the circles that know. She takes to it, and starts calling herself Morrigan.
1954 - Meets Torben, a ghoul fighting in the underground and pared with an Unaligned Nosferatu. They hit it off, spar and teach each other a thing or two, but lose touch after parting.
1982 - Having answers a Call to Arms against the Sabbat, Morrigan runs across Torben again at the "war council" for planning the attack, who is now a full fledged vampire.
2005 - The Anarch Take-Over of Berlin - joining the take over on a boon payment to mercenary to the cause, 20 VIP Points MAYBE
2006 - Kicks out a Sabbat pack from a town. Captures an Assamite, forces them to teach her Quietus, then kills said Assamite
2018 - Hearing a call for aid from the Anarchs of Rome, Morrigan and Andrew answer the call. Buying PutPut golf in West Rome for income and haven setup.