Morvenna Mathias

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Morvenna Mathias

L'histoire de Morvenna

  • 1460: Born Morvenna Savina Ginevra of Savoy in the Swiss Confederation.
  • 1495: After the Savoy family fortune is unexpectedly depleted, due to the weakness of the Duke of Savoy, Morvenna's aggressive and persuasive nature swiftly restores the fortune.
  • 1496: The Duke of Savoy, as a "thank you" for restoring the honor of the Savoyard, arranges a marriage between Morvenna and a member of the Bernese aristocracy - a rival household.
  • 1497: Embraced by Elder Augusta – a Camarilla loyal Magister.
  • 1497: Morvenna's husband attempts to murder her. Instead, he is arrested for the murder of his high-born mistress and subsequently executed.
  • 1498: Resides in Elder Augusta's haven within the Swiss Confederation.
  • 1515: Augusta is murdered by her eldest broodmate, Vox Umbra of the Sabbat, for joining the Camarilla.
  • 1515: Diego Amador helps Morvenna escape to Nissa (later known as Nice, France).
  • 1515: Within a small enclave of Lasombra Antitribu in Nissa, Morvenna meets the Elder Étienne Oumar Ezeazu.
  • 1515: Elder Roman, broodmate of Augusta, finds Morvenna in Nissa. The pair spends the next three decades exploring the African Coast.
  • 1550: Upon returning to Europe with Elder Roman, Morvenna is introduced to Katarina Aldred.
  • 1554: Italy - met Ventrue Cassius Anthony and formed a business partnership in shipping and trade.
  • 1570: Styria, Austria - Morvenna embraces her first childe, Wolfgang.
  • 1590: City of Turin - With the assistance of Elder Siegried of the True North and Wolfgang, a local pack of Sabbat is destroyed. Morvenna presents the ashes of the Sabbat Bishop as a gift to the Prince of Turin. Morvenna is formally accepted by the Camarilla.
  • 1590: Morvenna is introduced to Elder Nepos - Camarilla loyal broodmate of her sire, the Elder Augusta.
  • 1600: Aids the Tremere, Fyrntarn, and House Montague in ridding sea faring marauders from their haven in The Azores.
  • 1620: The Bahamas - begins a partnership with the Gangrel, Ulric.
  • 1631: Introduced to the Ventrue Pau Lamarca of House Du Val - what began as a rivalry relaxed into mutual business partners and allies.
  • 1636: Enlisted by Siegfried von Stroheim of Clan Ventrue for support during the Thirty Years War.
  • 1652: Formally introduced to the head of House Montague, the enchanting Tremere Elder Seamus Montague.
  • 1660: A few years after the Dutch murder/steal away her business partners in West Africa into slavery... Morvenna convinces a rival businessman, the Ventrue Rikard Bouwman, to withdraw from the slave trade; after sending two Dutch East India Company ships to the bottom of the Atlantic.
  • 1690: Begins ferrying Kindred from Europe to America.
  • 1715: The Ventrue, Pau Lamarca, introduces Morvenna to the enchanting Mila Rurik. "An 'angel' to Morvenna's 'devil."
  • 1715: The Reverend Gideon Haven approaches Morvenna for assistance in traveling to the New World. "His candor does ease the rigors of long voyages."
  • 1770: Embraces her second childe, Alonso Nero de Soto.
  • 1798: The French speaking Swiss canton of Vaud drives out the German speaking Bernese authorities. Morvenna returns to reside in Switzerland, regaining full control of her beloved haven, the Chateau de Chillon.
  • 1799: Morvenna hosts a gathering at the Chateau de Chillon, including such honored guests as the Elder Étienne Oumar Ezeazu.
  • 1805: Ferries the Ventrue, Cornelia Mowebary and the Brujah, Kah ibn Hafaz al-Basir to the Port of Boston. They are assaulted beyond the straights of Gibralter by unknown assailants. With the assistance of Pau Lamarca, the enemy ships are quickly destroyed.
  • 1816: Entertained Ludovic François Simon Petion of House Montague at her haven on the banks of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
  • 1830: France - introduced to the Ventrue Elder Alain Martel, ferrying he and his progeny to New York.
  • 1850: Embraces her third childe, Niklas, in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  • 1956: Morvenna assists her clanmate and Elder, Étienne Oumar Ezeazu, in successfully relocating to Paris.
  • 1957: Attends the first meeting of the newly formed House Dispar.
  • 1958: Trenton, NJ - attends a gathering in the Domain of New Brunswick with the Elders Pau Lamarca and Alain Martel. Morvenna is introduced to the Prince of Trenton and childe of Elder Martel... Jean de Pierre.
  • 1988: Near Trenton, NJ - becomes acquainted with the Malkavian George Gibbs, referring to him, respectfully, as "My kind of scum."
  • 2008: New York City - attends a Gathering with the Elder Lamarca.
  • 2016: Morvenna sets in motion a plan to leave Switzerland and acquire long term residency in America.
  • 2017: Morvenna arrives to America; begins her long term residency in Trenton, New Jersey.
  • 2017: Morvenna becomes the Prince of Trenton, New Jersey.
  • 2018: Morvenna makes the decision to step down as Prince of Trenton to better focus on Clan interests. Named "Elder Prince Emeritus" of Trenton.
  • 2019: For reasons not entirely known, the Praxis of her predecessor is short lived. Morvenna once more ascends to the Praxis of Trenton.

OOC Contact Information

Player: Heather M.
ST: Siggi Siggurdson
VSS: Trenton, NJ Masquerade

Seeking Ties For

  • Shipping Customers
  • Customers ferried by Morvenna to/from Europe and the US
  • Allies/Enemies
  • Information Mongers
  • Other: I'm flexible!


Known Information

Name: Morvenna Mathias
Aliases: "The Widow", "Mistress of the Shadows"
Description: A tall, striking woman with skin of palest palor, long ebony and indigo tresses, and a sharp gaze of coldest blue - colors reminiscent of the Atlantic in winter. Speaks with a soft, relaxed French Accent.
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Trenton, NJ
Titles & Positions:

  • Elder Prince of Trenton, NJ
  • Camarilla Elder
  • Proprietress of Mathias Shipping International
  • Member of House Dispar
  • "A Shipping/business magnate femme fatale with a sadistic streak and exceptional talent for turning someone's unlife into a veritable Hell."
  • "She wields the shadows like a weapon in the grasp of a masterful hand; summoning them as she would amorously devoted thralls eagerly awaiting her bidding."

Mistress of Shadows

With wicked grace and noble bearing true,
Across the room she glides on shadowed wings.
Nary a word, the dance begins anew,
Beware the cold touch of her tendrils sting!

Upon her pursed red lips, a cruel smile,
A courtesans wit to which none compare.
With unfettered pomp and an air for style,
To challenge her virtues, no man would dare!

Her clouded brow heralds the flashing wrath,
To strike her foe, with murderous intent!
A pitiful foe, he who walks this path,
Brought low by her hand they fall, with knee bent.

Paragon of shadows, I shall not lie,
She is my muse, my fear, my stormy sky.

~ By an Anonymous admirer of Morvenna

Accepted Status

  • Acknowledged

Abiding Status

  • Established
  • Confirmed
  • Privileged
  • Authority as Prince of Trenton
  • Sovereign as Prince of Trenton
  • Commander as Prince of Trenton

Fleeting Status

  • Favored by Elder Attorsceada
  • Favored by Elder Titus Valerius Proculus, "Elder Archivist"


Morvennan Lineage
  • Lasombra
    • (Unknown)
      • Negest
        • Augusta
          • Morvenna Mathias
            • Johann Wolfgang Kaufman von Kappffenburg
              • Eris Black
            • Alonso Nero de Soto
              • Martin Covelo
            • Niklas


Have you heard...

The Rumors

  • There is a rather unflattering rumor about Morvenna that, when entreating her former lovers to her bed; their deaths were never far behind. Hence the monniker 'La Vedova'... “The Widow”.

  • Quietly rumored that she is well practiced in the gruesome art of torture. Her means of tormenting her prey, whether the purpose was to extract invaluable information from them, or simply for the pleasure of inflicting pain upon another, is unrivaled. She does so with a quiet and calm sort of elegance, finding transcendence in another’s demise… even in their death.

  • "I heard she slowly poisoned her father, simply because he couldn't keep his hands off neither she nor her younger sister..."

  • "She may be the muse of an ancient creature whose sinister machinations rival her own."

  • "Elder Mathias? Oh! She LOVES to be entertained! Just don't interrupt her. NEVER interrupt her..."

  • "Add your rumor here."
  • "What have you heard?"
  • "Dazzle me, darling."

The Quotes

  • I had never known myself as a woman, as a stronger woman, until I was embraced into the darkness. My Sire’s touch found the stronger woman within me, guided me… although now lost, her touch guides me still.” - Morvenna Mathias

  • "She might claim to owe me her unlife, but it was not mine to give. She earned it, ripped it from the grasp of many Deaths and earned her place by my side." -Roman

  • "Accomplished, personable, powerful, reasonable, and honourable. I have enjoyed every moment working with her throughout the years." - Seamus Montague

  • "I know her as both a client and a relative, but in both relationships, I know enough to stay on her good side." - David Drachs

  • "It is rare that I find a creature worth saving upon its own merit. She possesses a will to survive that marks her above others. She is not my sister by blood... she is my sister by choice." -Diego Amador

  • "As a rival, as a partner, she is the only Captain I would consider my equal, and her darkness is intoxicating." - Pau Lamarca

  • "I would never have expected a Lasombra to encourage me to be more humane, but she made me reflect on my sins... both in the past and what I was committing and walk a better path." - Rikard Bouwman

  • "A shrewd negotiator. I learned much about how to bargain from her when i was a younger kindred. One lesson i never forgot, "always know when you have someone over a barrel"." -Reverend Gideon Haven

  • "In the land of my fathers there is a saying, money is sharper than the sword. My kinsman is proof of this to be sure, her successes have only grown as the nights have passed, and yet I fear that as long as she chooses to define herself as she is she will never know the fullness of her potential. I wait and pray that one night she will embrace the deeper meanings within, and I await her upon that path." -Étienne Oumar Ezeazu

  • "I took her to the edge of a cliff and I pushed her off. Not to watch her fall but to see her fly. She has never failed to disappoint. Though one day she may still fall for my charms." -Nepos

  • "In duty to House and Clan, I often had to call Trenton a home port. Seeing its most recent Prince reminded me why I preferred life on assignment, away. The dangerous tasks I'd undertake were never as dark as Morvenna Mathias. It's almost as if she's transcended the light's ability to banish her..." -Thaddeus Moreau

  • "Husk mine ord. Skygge lærer leksjoner viktigere enn sollys." -Olaf

  • "Even after my absurd misstep, Elder Prince Mathias displayed grace and poise that cause envy in all. Quite the paragon of her Clan, her position and the Camarilla." -Jozef Prinz

  • "She's certainly someone to not mess with. She was put in a terrible spot, and has flourished like I knew she would. Maybe I should be her arm candy more often, might get me places." -Lucius Brown