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Known to the Sabbat

Name: Moses Cassidy

Clan: Malkavian Antitribu

Faction: Moderates

Notable Traits:

  • Arcane
  • Eerie Presence (Voice echoes as though he is far away)

Pack: Bell, Book, & Candle

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Moses... Moses Cassidy? Why does that name sound so familiar? Hmm? Malkavian? Oh, right! How did I forget him? Super weird guy, but then again, Malkavian. He says he's pretty old, as far as I can tell he was embraced before the Civil War. It's hard to tell exactly, since he tends to go down for Torpor pretty often. He's also always remembering things that haven't happened or will happen or have happened to other people, so who the hell knows. It's a bit weird, but it can be useful to read the future. Where did he get to? I haven't seen him around in a few years...


Feb 13, 1749- Born in Northampton, MA.
April 19, 1765- Moses experiences his first Oracular Vision of the start of the American Revolution. His father secludes him.
April 19, 1775- The American Revolution begins at Lexington and Concord.
1777- Moses’ Father joins the British Side in the American Revolution. He dies an ignoble death, never seeing battle.
1778- Moses moves to Springfield, volunteering to staff the Springfield Armory.
1787- Shay’s Rebellion marches on the Springfield Armory. Moses missed the battle, as he was in Ireland, for an extended visit with family.
January 15, 1797- Embraced by a Malkavian Antitribu.
January 16, 1798- Initiated as True Sabbat.
1860-1866- Enters Torpor to re-energize for the coming American Civil War, which he had foreseen beginning with the Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln.
1868- Predicts the Chicago Fire. No one listens.
1914-1919- World War 1 happens. Moses accidentally misses the war by Entering Torpor to try to avoid the coming floods.
1936 & 1938- Springfield’s two great floods. While Moses was off about the years they would occur, he avoids them accidentally be falling into a wound torpor.
1940- Predicts the Fourth Sabbat civil war will start in 2019, and will be fought between Loyalists and Panders.
1957- Misses the Third Sabbat civil war by going into a short Torpor to try and dodge a “War with the Lupines” which never happens.
1997- Goes into torpor to prepare for Gehenna, which he predicts will start in the late 2010’s.
2017- Emerges from torpor, ready for the start of Gehenna.



  • He's not really as old as he thinks he is.
  • He knows when the next Civil War will happen... and who will win.
  • He has been trained in many forms of fortune telling, from Tarot to Haruspexy.
  • He's been looking rather pale lately...
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Player: Andrew Collins

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Storyteller: Caroline T.

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Location: MA-005-D

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