Mother of Fera

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Magda Ricker

Notable Traits: Magda stands 5'7", is slightly overweight but there is clearly muscle under the fat. Her clothing is what you would expect to see on a rancher. Straw hat and plaid shirt over a T-shirt with a snarky graphic.

Pack: Owl's Brood

Society: Mother of Fera

Sept: Setp of the Fallen Heros




  • She's a wolf AND she's family. - Jake Hargrove
  • She runs a sort of sanctuary for Kin and Cubs. I visited once after getting myself injured in her neck of the woods, and learning of her tales while she helped tend my wounds was one of my more pleasant experiences. - Madison Walsh
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Pherell Archer

Player Email:

Storyteller: Daphne Johnson

Storyteller Email:

Location: Macon, Ga.