Mountain Shadow

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Vasiliy, aka "Mountain Shadow"
Notable Traits: A large "bear" of a man whose presence seems to fill and sooth a room.
Society: Fera
Breed: Gurahl
Auspice: Uzmati (Rank 2: Ahroun)
Titles & Rank Warder of the Sept
Pack & Sept Cold War (Pack), UnNamed at this Time

The Pack: Cold War


The Circle: Contacts/Friends/Tribal Family

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Everyday is a winding road...


  • Add a Rumor
  • Mountain Shadow came on a slow boat from Russia to the United States.
    • This is why the Bear does NOT travel well.
      • This is definitely Iakov's fault.


  • "Have you played Fire Emblem?" -- Nizhoni to Mountain Shadow,
    • who in turn asked, "Is that like the Flyting-game at moots? I've not heard of them."