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Commonly Known Information


Name: Mr. Durant. First names are for friends.

Notable Traits: Durant has a carefully sculpted beard and notably sharp features.

Type: Changeling - Wizend


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There is little that is publicly known about the pilot who simply refers to himself as Mr. Durant.
An aloof and often gruff Captain of the Green Dream, Durant is a consummate businessman who focuses on the bottom line...for everything. A product of the Verge, Durant is from the far, far out.
Durant appeared roughly twenty years ago with a beat-up pleasure craft... The Green Dream... The ship is easily two hundred years old. Where he found this obvious relic from the Wars is anyone's guess. How he keeps it maintained is another question entirely. From below, the Green Dream is nothing remarkable. From above, she is shaped, and painted, like a turtle. Under the shell, there's a biosphere garden, which is his pride and joy.
Durant keeps company on The Green Dream with Doctor Jaana Adair the ship's Medical Officer and Valthier Draykos the ship's Ordinance and Weapons Expert.


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  • He's a mage!
  • He's sleeping with his AI!
  • Durant took on Doctor Jaana Adair as his ship's medic for 5 years and they are inseparable
  • Durant once killed four mecenaries for leaving a bruise on Jaana Adair's face
  • Durant and Jaana Adair are secretly married
  • Durant and Jaana Adair are NOT married (and Jaana will punch you for suggesting it)
  • Durant and Jaana Adair were contracted to BE married (against their personal desires) while in the Core.
  • Durant is trying to find a way to incorporate his ship's AI into a physical body
  • Gate travel terrifies Durant
  • Durant's parents are from an ousted Elite House
  • Durant's parents are not his parents
  • Durant's parents are simple farmers on a colony planet in the Verge who want to be left alone
  • Durant is a skilled dancer, in Court Dance, something a Verge Captain should not know...
  • Once, Durant found himself in the Verge, running from a planet full of cannibals wearing nothing but his skin.
    • Don't ask how he lost all his clothing.
      • Better yet, ask. He blushes prettily.


  • Durant has seen me at both my best and worst. I would move the stars for him if he asked me to. Thank the stars he never has Jaana Adair
  • "He ought to call his ship "The Money Trap," but he's a good guy and a great customer." Loril
  • Dammit, Durant Jaana Adair -- insert multiple reasons here

Character Inspirations

OOC Information

Player: Warren Schnur-Holmes

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jed H.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Strugni Station