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Toreador Symbol.png

Ishtar, Always.

Archon to Justicar Purissimma Giess

Acknowledged, Confirmed, Noble, Commander

Courageous by Archon Alexander.
Defender, Courageous X 2, Loyal by Prince Moreau

House Byrd

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"One must always strive for perfection; anything less disrespects yourself and your associates."
~Mr. Blackett

Name: Mr. Giles Blackett
Notable Traits:Perfectionist
Society: Camarilla

Public History
Date of Birth: 1847
Embrace: 1885
Nationality: English

Born as the second son to the Baron of Matfen Hall, Northumberland, England, he would never inherit the title. This was something he never really cared about, as he preferred spending his youth doing embarrassing things. He would !GASP! spend his spare time with ACTORS. The family could mostly ignore this, but once he started performing with a company in London (under a pseudonym of course) it was a step to far. His father gave him the "opportunity" to study abroad in the Middle East. The fact that this "opportunity" happened to be far from the theatre's of London, he was assured was just a happy coincidence. He therefore spent years in what is now modern day Syria. During this time Mr. Blackett found a love for the sciences and the then burgeoning study of Archaeology. He even managed to make a tidy sum for himself selling some finds to various museums. His delving into Assyrian ruins caught the attention of the being that would be his sire. Strangely he was released after only a few years. In another coincidence, the evening of his release his Sire went missing and has never been seen again.

Later he met a gentleman that would become a great friend, Mr. Anton Von Forcade, and they would travel together for many years. Their chancing together was the start of the The Janus Coin Coterie. A group of Camarilla Kindred who have been known to travel to various city over the years with the particular goal of stabilizing those cities. Montreal is their current home.

Recently, Mr. Blackett has come into acquaintance with one Elder Rhiannon Byrd, who has enlightened a few details about his missing Sire.

Her passing during the Conclave of 2019 allowed Blackett to gain closer relationships with others of his blood. After spending a year in Service as Servire to Archon Alexander, he gained the attention of Justicar Giess. He was named Archon by Justicar Giess in early 2020. Inspirations
Giles - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Gentlemen - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Croup & Vandermar - Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman

OOC Information
Player: Quinn Kurenda
VST: Patric Gagne
Domain: Montréal
Email Quinn for details regarding history, and for contacts or background ties.

Rumours About Mr. Blackett:

  • "I really think he is actually a Daughter of Cacophony. Did you see him at the gallery? He shrugged off the Rembrandt like it was nothing!"
    ~ Anonymous

What We Really Think About Mr. Blackett:

  • "Why, I'm rather fond of Mr. Blackett. Articulate, poised, focused, with just the right amount of strict discipline about him... All traits worthy of a singularly able individual. It's the fact that you find these in a Toreador that should be of concern to you." Thaddeus Moreau
  • "I have respect for a man who's wits is as sharp as his skills. A fine Rose with the Thorns to back himself up." Nicholas Stalhman
  • "One cannot be this sharply dressed and be inconspicuous, black is a very forgiving color after all... " Morrigan
  • "There is no one I would prefer to share the city with." Mary Kilian
  • "He uses many words, when one is enough." - Brynjar Hrafnsen
  • "Prove me right about you. Prove Mowebary right about you. The Ivory Tower deserves nothing less." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "Ugh, those cheekbones could get a girl in trouble... oh, wait, they already got me into a trial by combat, never mind..." Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora (Montreal Sabbat)
  • "My stars and garters, I didn't think they meant he literally sweeps a gal off her feet! To be honest with ya sugar, I'm not sure which had my heart beating faster, the strength of his arms, I was very well aware I couldn't escape and a face of Adonis, or the fact those hands resting firmly on me, had just shown me he'll ash someone with zero thought or hesitation." Pansy Honeywell
  • "Mr. Blackett, in many ways, reminds me of Russian diplomatic exchange: an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove. I could not be happier to call him "friend". Marcus Antoninus

Words From the Lost:

  • "He says the most unintentionally romantic things..." Doris Ashview
  • "I think in the general concept of 'the show must go on', this gentleman's fortitude was the model. Besides it is nice having someone about the place who can emote, but keeps their shoes as such a shine you can check if your mouche has slipped." Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Not like quite sure he's like that much a gentleman. Seems like totes rude to like broadcast what someone likes shouting in bed like doesn't it? Or this is like some sort of like Irish wake thing without like the party or alcohol? Like fuck, I have like zero clue about him other than like he like seems to be a bad luck charm." Karma
  • "Huh, like I expected him to be like cold and drained of like any fun, like the Prince of this city. If like we weren't like at the end of the world I like might be tempted to like see what could like make him stop being a gentle man." - Karma
  • "I hadn't the slightest idea how much fun jugglers could be until he showed me. My little swift is so like his grandmother that it brings me To tears." Rhiannon Byrd
  • " Well in public I will refer to him as Mr.bean to under cut him, but privately its: deadly Mr.Bean. That is for the next 7 years or so. If only I literally broadcast an email address he could send a message too. I imagine we might have a few thins to talk about *coughs theatrically*." Mako Archbishop of Montreal