Mr. Fixer

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Commonly Known Information

  • Name: Mr. Fixer
  • Type: Mage
  • Path: Acanthus
  • Order: Mystagogues
  • Union: Merchant's Union
  • Chartered Company: The Paradise Oasis Club & Casino



Despite being a Mage with a mastery of Time, he almost seems to be one out of it. Seemingly reveling in his anachronistic style, Mr. Fixer dresses in a beyond ancient fashion but revels in integrating modern technology with his old fashioned look. Wearing an ancient three piece suit with cyber tech woven into it, he embraces the future whilst celebrating the past. It is hard to gauge where he plants himself in terms of modern tech.

Public Information

An ex-marine, Mr. Fixer awakened out on the Verge while specializing in archaeology and exploration. He somehow managed to put a small business empire together before returning to the Expanse for reasons unknown. Once back, he began building his company and ship as he traveled, setting up many alliances, contracts, and relationships. Eventually, he decided to park The Paradise Oasis at Rhea Station for an extended period of time and hasn't taken the ship far from the station since, especially once it established a reputation for itself among the locals.

Mr. Fixer is known to always present an amicable and friendly demeanor. He is always looking for new business partners and deals to make. He is always being forthright and fair in his dealings but is best not be crossed. He is very protective of members of his crew and his business partners. As long as you behave yourself properly while visiting his club, he will have no problem with you.


  • "The best type of magic is when no one knows you did anything at all." - Mr. Fixer


  • Being an Acanthus mage, some people feel Mr. Fixer is a little too comfortable befriending changelings.
  • Mr. Fixer's source of wealth is non-magical but unknown. He claims to have many mutually beneficial business operations of which most are completely legitimate.
  • Records of Mr. Fixer's time out on the Verge are hard to come by. He was already a successful businessman before he returned to the Expanse.
  • He seems particularly fond of carrying a poker chip with him at all times.
  • Some claim The Paradise Oasis is meant to be more than just a club but a central point of operation for Mr. Fixer to work from.

OOC Information

Player: Joshua Luther

Player Email:

Storyteller: Joseph Immel

Storyteller Email:

Location: Rohnert Park, California