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"My Sire Tetzauhcouhuatl presence by even his own tribe was describe in words that only make others fear death itself, his presence was a Omen, a death Omen never was clear whom, when or why. The last words spoken in Nahuatl by his enemies and family alike were: "In aquin quitta cenca momauhtia; ic mauhcamiqui, anoce cenca cocoya. Ic contocayotique Tetzauhcohuatl" which mean "Who sees him enter in emotional terror, and by terror and fear who sees him die, or just very grave sickness posses who sees him. this is why he was named The Serpent of Omen"

Basic Information

Name: Unknown to Non-Tlaciques
Aliases: Mr. T
Clan: Tlacique (Setite)
Generation: Ancilla
Sect: Independent Alliance
Position: Unknown or None (he doesn't matter for politics)
Lineage House: Cihuacoatal notec Ololiu]


Family and Lineage

Cihuacoatl notec Ololiuqui

Jaguar Knight Head.jpg
*|All Glory to the Mighty, Merciful, Bless by Tezcatlipoca and Great Cihuacoatl Sire of Sires
  • |His beloved Mama, The Avatar of Xochiquetzal, and Goddess Priest Luminary Elder The Goddess Xochitil Ocelotl Grand Grand Sire and Head of the Lineage.
  • |His Beloved Mom Master Elder and Doyan of the city of Washington Chalchiutlicue Ocelotl Grand Sire
  • |His Beloved Papa killed by the hands of the Sabbath Tetzauhcohuatl Ocelot (Serpent of Omen) (OOC NPC) Sire

Aztec Warriors (Florentine Codex).jpg

Inspiration on Greatness and Honor from personal encounters, travels and rumors around the globe

Mexica Dancer in Ixcateopan-23Feb2011.jpg

  • Mr. T honor the Aztec, Mayan and Inca Warrior ways and their code of honor.
  • Goddess, Magnificent and beloved Mama Xochitl Ocelotl for Religious, grace and honor inspiration.
  • Beloved Mom, Sister of the Goddess Xochitl Ocelotl the Magnificent Chalchiuhtlicue for grace, honor, dedication and blind faith on the teachings of Set/Tezcatlipoca inspiration.
  • Architect of the Tower Luminary Elder Albrecht Zoller for knowledge and honor inspiration fueled by rumors coming from Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Prince of the City of Austin Olaf Magnusson honorable reputation as a Warrior inspiration.
  • Greatest Giovanni Don Alfonso Pisanob for grace, reputation and strength inspiration.

Notable Traits

Florentine Codex IX Aztec Warriors.jpg
  • He Pray and follow the teachings of Set/Tezcatlipoca, at the end of the day he is a Setite/Tlacique.
  • Found Courageous by the Doyan of the City of Houston Numerius Villius Cursor
  • He is obviously on Humanity
  • He is Obviously RICH.
  • He is always honoring the Aztec, Inca and Mayan Warrior ways.
  • He honor great Kindred Warriors that has earn their reputation as Honorable and follow a code of conduct.
  • He Traveled to different Setites temples to connect with Tezcatlipoca/Set.
  • All his pictures of him disappear a few of those were recover on a great cost and still disappear after published. (he doesn't like to be photographed nor recorded.)


Codex Mendoza folio 64r.jpg

Not Much is known as background for Mr. T. He keeps to himself but time to time you can see him mourning his Sire death, this can be take as he is in humanity.

Mr. T call himself one of the last Tlacique Warriors from the old times. He claim to be 400 + years old. Also he is a truly believer on the Setites ways. He is always Praying to Set or as is barely known to kindred is that the Tlaciques call Set Tezcatlipoca.

Mr. T it can be seen always retrieving items from his battles so he can offers sacrifice to Tezcatlipoca/Set on his Grand Grand Sire Xochi Temple.

Only Rumors may tell more about him.

If the Goddess Xochitl commands he will blindly obey and comply word by word, his alliance to the Goddess in his greatest skill. He will dye for his Mama.

Business you can do with him

  • Contact him on his email, you never know what he can get for you.
  • If you are not SABBAT, he will work with you. He is know to do business with the Tower and Anarchs. If you are IA he will work a good discount on his services.

Known Associates

Geschichte des Kostüms (1905) (14597935817).jpg

Not known associates are publicly known. Mr. T keeps his business to himself.

He travel with his Lil Sis and Lil Bro the last vestige of his Sire walking the earth who where rob of their greatness by the Sabbat Ms. U and Mr. X (OOC NPC).

They traveled together and they obey the word of the Goddess Xochitl word per word as it is the greatest honor.

Ms. U and Mr. X were killed on 2018 by Tzimice from the Sabbat leaving a bitter hole in his removed heart.

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  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)
  • #1 "It is said the Mr. T has a little coterie of his own, The TUX Coterie. A funny joke for the 3 Childes of Cuathcoatl Ocelot (Mr. T, Ms. U and Mr. X) at last traveling together after Mr. T used his last card of joining the IA to convince the Family Elders that he will protect, train and die for his Lil Sis and Lil bro and how serious he was on be a PROTECTOR of all Tlaciques that are not HERETICS." - [ Ms U, Beloved Lil Sis of Mr. T. All praise must be given to the all mighty Tezcatlipoca.]
  • #2 "Once Sold a Harpy report to a Harpy"
  • #3 "Mr. T is really a caring cat. This guy always feels bad for the ignorant. I guess we were all there once. -Santino Giovanni"

(See below on confirmed and quotes for a teachable moment on Mr. T Unlife)

Confirmed Rumors, Business Acumen with hints of Luck, Blessed by Set/Tezcatlipoca, Savagery and Stupidity that pay out (somehow):

Confirmed Rumor By Mr. T itself:

  1. 1 "Half is true and half is wrong.... We are not a Coterie we are brothers and sisters in blood and Tezcatlipoca Lil Sis, now for the rest is true"

  1. 2 "Yes once I saw an opportunity to sell a Harpy report to a Harpy, which she agree to pay a minor for it. If it works, it works if not well at least you try"
  1. 3 "Being ignorant is to be Slave of the Aeons, if we learn and broke the chains of ignorance w can free ourselves of the Aeons tyranny." Mr T.

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Quotes by Mr T.

"In Reference on dealing or doing business with kindred and relaying on the boon economy, final death is the bankruptcy final court ruling were you will not get paid the debts the recently departed had. If you sell a harpy Report to a kindred whom clan mates are killing each other, be advise, cash it before they wipe each other of the map" Mr. T

"The enemy of your enemy is never your friend nor your ally. if you don't agree with me history will repeat itself and will drive you clan/bloodline to almost extinct. this arrogance will angry the Gods and they will make you cry tears of blood until you almost dry. Still don't believe me, Long time ago when the Tower came with his power the Tlaciques decide to ally with the Sabbat. victory cost us numbers and power while the Sabbat grew, feed and corrupt our rituals. It was too late when we discovered that they were a bigger treat and when the second war broke loose we the Tlaciques were pull into extinction and we had to hide with more than a hurt pride. Do Not ANGER THE GODS, the price is too HIGH" Mr. T

The thirst of Set/Tezcatlipoca teachings and religious background of Mr. T.

066-Tezcatlipoca-Lord of the Night Winds.jpg

Mr. T is an spiritual warrior that always look to connect with his religion and refill himself with faith. Visiting the mayor Temples and buy religious items to strengthen his faith and unity with Set/Tezcatlipoca.

Temples visited:

Fire Court 01/1850-04/1850, 01/2013-04/2013

Court of Miracles 09/1910-11/1910, 09/2015-11/2015

Dream Court 05/1950-09/1950, 05/2012-11/2012

Palace of Veils 01/1960-04/1960, 09/1978-12/1978, 03/1990-06/1990, 01/2011-05/2011.

Ombos 01/2010-05/2010 and 01/2016-05/2016

Personal Religion, Religious inclinations and Cults of Mr. T

Mr. T on his religious dedication to honor Set/Tezcatlipoca, His Ancestors, Family and Sire founded the Cihuacoatl notec Ololiuqui religious cult to Set/Tezcatlipoca.

Cihuacoatl notec Ololiuqui means Mornig Glory Flower in Nahuatl, is based on the teachings of Set/Tezcatlipoca. It main goal is to appease, satisfy and offer all glory and praise to Set/Tezcatlipoca. It encourages to offer the struggle of the daily pain, suffering, happiness and achievements to Set/Tezcatlipoca form kindred as well kine. It focus on the Hispanic population with Aztec, Mayan, Inca and all native kine tribes in the American continent before the Western Kine and Kindred came on a bloody conquest. This is a religion of peace that encourage growth and wellbeing mentally and physically through praise, prayer and sacrifices to Set/Tezcatlipoca. Also no kine, animal or kindred sacrifice is allowed or tolerated yet crops, dairy products, food, jewelry and money is seen on the temple altar as well letters with prayers and request of blessings on mundane matters is ask.

Battles and Badges Fought and Earned Honorably

Anarch Battle for Brooklyn December 2017 No Badge

Corpus Christi IA Battle Badge March 2018 (OOC Proxy)



"Rise" by Sixx:AM

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