Mr. Whiskerson

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This Character is Deceased

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mr. Whiskerson

Deed Name: Provokes the Pack

Alias: Carson Wells

Notable Traits:

Fame 1 (Among Upper class as Carson Wells)

Spirit Magnet

Pack: The Left-Handed Compliment

Breed: Bastet

Tribe: Ceilican

Pyrio: Dusk

Rank: Cliath

Sept: The Sept of the White Fields


In the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, there used to live a wealthy Bastet, a Qualmi that was known by the name "Gold in the Hills." Sadly, Gold in the Hills died in 2009, giving his life to defend the Caern of a Sept that was friendly with him, though they would not accept him as a member. Even more tragically, this sacrifice would end up being in vain, as the Caern fell regardless.

Gold in the Hills left behind a heartbroken kinsfolk, who had been his devoted lover, Alice Gainsly. Alice strove to maintain Gold's ties and influences, though not being as skilled as her paramour, some fell to the wayside. The most important tie she had maintained however, was the one to the Sept of the White Fields.

Recently, Alice has been seen in the company of a young man by the name of Carson Wells, and has introduced him to some of Gold in the Hills' mortal social ties. He has already gained some recognition in local upper class circles.

Alice has recently introduced a young Bastet, a Ceilican who spends most of his time posing as her large Maine Coon housecat, Mr. Whiskerson.


  • Láng - A wonderful partner in mischief.
  • Damir - He seems wise, and has great taste in music!


  • The monthly cost for china and other fragile items has risen astronomically since Mr. Whiskerson moved in with Alice.
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OOC Information

Player: Andrew Collins

Player Email:

Storyteller: Joshua Smith

Storyteller Email:

Location: MA-005-D