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Cleanliness is a state of Purity, Clarity, and Precision.
~Suze Orman


Commonly Known Information

  • Name: Gretchen Webber
  • Alias: Mrs. Webber
  • Sect: Sabbat
  • Clan: Tzmisce
  • Notable Traits: Mrs. Webber is impeccably clean. She tends to like manners and propriety. Mrs. Webber is always seen in some sort of 50's style dress and high heals. She wears pearls, her hair up, and always has a handbag.


Mrs. Webber is a product of her time. A housewife in life during the 1950's she embraced the lifestyle without question. She went to church every Sunday, always dressed well, baked, had tea parties, went to bible study, and served her husband dutifully. Even his death was neat and clean. No muss, no fuss.

The truth about Mrs. Webber is darker than the appearances, as is the case for many. She was indeed the perfect housewife, the perfect church goer, the perfect murderer. She is every serial killer's mother. Those who fell to her, fell because they were sinners, and sinners, are unclean.

Embraced in the mid 50's Mrs. Webber kept that mentality. She took to the religious aspect of the Sabbat with the same zealousness she did the church in life. Her sire, is unlikely, a hedonist named Babel who adored her perfectionism. In this life, Mrs. Webber is Orthodox and has used her talents to help maintain the Silence. She is the one people call on to clean up their messes. To fix those breaches, to clean up the bodies. She is a Cleaner in every sense of the word. But don't upset her, Praise Caine, and remember, sinners are unclean.



"Mother knows best" - Jean-Claude Obertus-Vratislav
"The shining beacon of our family's purity." - Constantin Odobleja
"Each has their path to completion and perfection, Mrs. Webber's path differs from mine, but it is hers to walk." - Augustyn De'Vont
"I just don't want to disappoint her. I think that would be a very painful lesson. That said, she is frightening and beautiful, pristine like a diamond and just as hard. I wouldn't fu- mess with her." - Valerie Evans

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Doesn't approve of swearing, which is why she won't be invited back to observe another Prisci meeting. Some still bear the switch marks.

Allies and Rivals

Musical Inspiration

Gretchen Webber

Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
Position: Bishop of Information
Domain: Inland Empire, CA
Player: Nicole Ortiz US2005085948
VST: Last Refuge VST