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Player Bio

Name: Kevin McKinnon

Deed name: Mudkipper

Tribe: Glasswalker

Rank: Cliath

Age: 18

Pack: Tower of Babble

Sept & Location: Sept of Hope's Resurgence within Atlanta, Ga.

Lineage: Luciano Conglomerate

Player: Tyler Peterson

Player Email: Tyler Peterson

Coordinator: Mike Boaz

Coordinator Email: Apocalypse VST

Notable Traits

  • A young werewolf that tinkers with Weaver technology nearly all the time
  • Is fairly naive to the World of Darkness.


Homid Form: He is usually wearing a set of headphones around his neck with music blaring from them, a music-sensitive light up rubik's cube shirt. Usually wearing an original Jaxon Fedora. His chestnut hair is usually unkempt but short, and eyes that shift between blue to green. He stands at about 6ft. There is an odd resemblence between him and his late grandfather Gianluigi "Lucky" Luciano. He is usually playing with his phone or tablet that seems to be streaming code non-stop. At most glance it appears as though he holds no weapons whatsoever, but this can be deceiving.

Crinos Form: Looks exactly like Gianluigi "Lucky" Luciano when he was in Crinos.

Lupus Form: Muddkipper wolf form is rarely seen. In this form he has short chestnut fur that seems as though it is groomed on a regular basis.

Historical Highlights

  • Kevin McKinnon was born on January, 2nd 1999 and shortly orphaned.
  • Bounced from foster home to foster home until. March, 16th 2012.
  • Met “Knickknack” on June, 30th 2012.
  • Started using his computer skills to survive and party, which led to meeting a GA Tech computer science professor, Jon "Argues with Circuits" Luciano that he helped.
  • Had his first shift on June 28th, 2014, during a drug bust and AWC recognized Kevin’s Chrinos form looking exactly like Gianluigi “Lucky” Luciano’s Chrinos form.
  • Met Arnold “Clickbait” Luciano and was brought into the Luciano family, July 2nd, 2014.
  • Left Clickbait’s home and was given the deal of going to college, once a week family dinners, and do work for the family and was given a weekly stipend February 15th, 2015.
  • Hacked into Pentex branch with a code that was information that Clickbait needed and allowed for a siege to be done, for the program made the system crash with Mudkipps dancing on the screen, thus gaining Kevin the deed name “Muddkipper.” December 17th, 2016