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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Muertow "Plans Fights with Excel"

Adren Fianna Ahroun Homid

Notable Traits:

  • Relatively tall at around 6' 6"
  • Ugly scar over the right eye
  • Burn scar on right forearm
  • Likely to be barefoot

Pack: Rising Tide

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Bloomington, IN


Not much is known about Muertow prior to the year 2004. It is speculated that he was a lost cub and at the time of his first change we was engaged in illicit activity, so he kept himself under the radar. When asked about his youth, Muertow generally replies with something along the lines of "He doesn't really matter. That guy died when I became a Muert."

Muertow is a Muert of the Cult of the True Path. [See notes on the Cult of the True Path below]

At some point after his first change he was associated with the Sept of Soaring Hills in Madison Indiana. While there Grandpa Sean met him, and recognized as him as being one of his descendants. Grandpa Sean adopted Muertow into the Fianna tribe.

After the Sept of Soaring Hills fell to the gnostic plague, Muertow lived a nomadic lifestyle, until December 2017 when Grandpa Sean tracked him down and dragged him to a slap dance moot.

Currently he appears to be hanging around Bloomington Indiana, and is assisting the local pack in their efforts against the worm.

Muertow picked up a battle scar on his right forearm during one of the battles in Cincinnati in April of 2018 ((OOC ECRE 2018))

Muertow came of with the influence plan which destroyed the Iron Triangle branch of Pentex.

Muertow was a driving force in the destruction of the Hogtown's Best branch of Pentex.

Muertow was named a Hero on 7/27 for his part organizing a Counting Coup raid against the Hive in Marengo.

Muertow took part in Black Unicorn's Revenge

Muertow now serves as Wyrmfoe for the Sept of Relentless Pursuit.

Notes on the Cult of the True Path

  • These notes are based on discussions with Muertow, and so far our investigations have not found any other "Muert"s or corroborating evidence as to the existence or nature of this cult.

Cultists do not describe the cult as a cult, they just say they are on their True Path.

Cultists believe that every intelligent being has a True Path. The closer a being is to their True Path the happier they will be and the greater the good they will ultimately do for the world. It is the duty of every cultist to find those who are not on their True Path, and help them move closer to their True Path. This is usually accomplished via small nudges and suggestions to whatever beings they see as needing guidance.

Rarely, a person will be so far from their True Path that once they are on their True Path, they perceive their prior self as having died. In some of those cases they choose to take the name Muert and, as thanks for the cult's assistance in finding their True Path, the duty to help propagate the cult.

The term "Muert" serves many many functions within the lexicon of the cultists. First and most obviously, it is the basis for the names of those most devoted to the cult. Secondly it is title. The fact that their title is a part of their name is intended to function as a reminder to Muerts that that their duty to the cult is constant. Thirdly (for Muerts at least) it represents the death of their old self. And finally it represents staying on the True Path until their final Death.

It should be noted that Muerts believe they should help every-being find their True Path, even their enemies. Muertow claims to have heard tales from his Muert of Muerts, that in the course of their helping their enemy onto their True Path, made the enemy strong enough that the enemy was able to defeat the Muert.


  • Muertow used a lot of hallucinogens at some point, he still suffers from the after affects and that is why he is so easily distracted and prone to acting before thinking.
  • Muertow is the one solely responsible for organizing the assault on the Hive of the Murdered Future. He is simply far too humble to take any of the credit.

Friends and Allies


  • "He is definitely strange. I've never met a Fianna so set on getting into a fight. He did jump right in and help with a big issue his first day in town he has potential at least." - Jon Lu
  • Muertow is Fianna and so he is my brother! He is doing alot of Stuff that is worthy of an Adren! Look forward to future battles wit him! Stags-Fury
  • "Muertow was respectful to me when we began our spar and was not insulted when I bested him, he is truly a credit to his auspice and his tribe." Thyra Laskaris
  • "Muertow is a strong voice in a tribe that wants for them. He is a leader in a Nation that needs them. I have fought alongside him before and would again." Spins Silver
  • "He has always been polite to me whenever I meet him. Recently visited us down here so I really should go visit up there sometime." - Dances in the Twilight Waves

OOC Information

Player: Joe Gallagher

Player Email:

Storyteller: Paul M.

Storyteller Email: VST IN-013-D Bloomington

Location: Bloomington, IN