Murdoc Collins

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Murdoc Shrapnel Collins 01.png

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Murdoc "Shrapnel" Collins

Breed / Tribe / Auspice: Homid / Glass Walker / Theurge

Rank: Cliath

Faction: Concordat of Stars

Tribal Camp: Random Interupts

Notable Traits: Decidedly Nerdy

Pack: Salvagers

Sept: Phoenix, AZ


Ex-FBI Agent.


Mrudoc like Roablock is a genuinly nice guy, his bussiness in PI work is to help the humans, Murdoc loves to follow the rabbbit down the hole when it comes to investigation, he is a family man and will do what he can to serve the sept and his pack. Murdoc is the last person to use violence as a means to an end he values the power of the mind over the power of the gun.


Murdoc collins was born in 1978 to parents that thought that drugs were more important than taking care of their child, three years later is was adopted into a lovinig family, he was brought up right and good in looking after the little man, he was taught that there was nothing more powerfull than the 1999 Murdoc joined the FBI but found the job to be to strict and not helpfull enough to the people that needed the help. He finally had enough of the bureaucracy and quit the FBI and opend his own buisness as a private investigator. In 2015 Murdoc was bitten and underwent his first change, completing his right of passage one year later.



OOC Information

Player: Shaun Pizzo - US2010117039

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Storyteller: Byron Miracle

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Location: Phoenix, AZ