Murielle O'Connor

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  • Name - Murielle O’Connor
  • Clan - Ventrue
  • Sect - Camarilla
  • Gen - Ancillae (9th)
  • Lineage - House Durandal
  • Position(s) - Prince of San Diego
  • Lictor of the Southwest (Ventrue only)


  • Authority
  • Commander
  • Sovereign



  • Prince O’Connor had all her rivals killed the night she took praxis, simply because her predecessor misspelled her name when he offered her the position of Seneschal.
  • Speculated to have killed Elder Hayden Mycroft for attempting to influence who the next Prince would be.
  • That she is a woman willing to do whatever she can to rise in power.
  • Her clipboard is actually a magical artifact, its origins are unknown.
  • Her clipboard comes from Staples.
  • She's definitely a Crusader.
  • "San Diego will not forget." -Murielle O'Connor at the Phoenix Conclave, 2019.
  • "She is every grace her clan is known for, and every strength. She has learned well." -Konstantin Rurik
  • "Since I've known her, Prince O'Connor has shown herself to be both capable and unrelenting. She is a force and I am glad to serve her Court." - Lord Seneschal Doctor Connor Villanueva
  • "A competent negotiator." - Vic, San Diego Blood Ambassador
  • "She's ruthless, calculating, smart, and competent. She wears the mantle of power like she was born to it and does it all with such a charming smile I'm sure most people don't even recognize the iron in her spine. Don't get me wrong, I like her. But I will never underestimate her." - Marianne Dashwood, Anarch Ambassador of San Diego
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