Murielle O'Connor

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  • Name - Murielle O’Connor
  • Clan - Ventrue
  • Sect - Camarilla
  • Gen - Ancillae (9th)
  • Lineage - House Durandal
  • Position(s) - Prince of San Diego
  • Lictor of the Southwest (Ventrue only)


  • Authority
  • Commander
  • Sovereign



  • Prince O’Connor had all her rivals killed the night she took praxis, simply because her predecessor misspelled her name when he offered her the position of Seneschal.
  • Speculated to have killed Elder Hayden Mycroft for attempting to influence who the next Prince would be.
  • That she is a woman willing to do whatever she can to rise in power.
  • Her clipboard is actually a magical artifact, its origins are unknown.
  • Her clipboard comes from Staples.
  • She's definitely a Crusader.
  • "San Diego will not forget." -Murielle O'Connor at the Phoenix Conclave, 2019.
  • "She is every grace her clan is known for, and every strength. She has learned well." -Konstantin Rurik
  • "Since I've known her, Prince O'Connor has shown herself to be both capable and unrelenting. She is a force and I am glad to serve her Court." - Lord Seneschal Doctor Connor Villanueva
  • "A competent negotiator." - Vic, San Diego Blood Ambassador
  • "She's ruthless, calculating, smart, and competent. She wears the mantle of power like she was born to it and does it all with such a charming smile I'm sure most people don't even recognize the iron in her spine. Don't get me wrong, I like her. But I will never underestimate her." - Marianne Dashwood, Anarch Ambassador of San Diego
  • "Fierce, independent, strong willed. A paradigm of a Prince of our Clan. And above all, an incredible singing voice. " - Elder Prince Simon St. John
  • "Do not attempt to harm her. If you do, we will find ourselves at odds, and they will not be in your favor. " - Maksim Volk
  • "The power to silence a crowd without a word is given to few, in life. I would sooner stand before a hurricane than her wrath, for she is a force of nature." - Yves-Valère Seurat
  • "A true noble King that understands that a quiet word and look can go much further than a shout. Wars have been started over a glance by women of her caliber." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Prince O'Connor understands that in society, like in war, the wisest action is to apply the minimum of force to maximum effect. She is someone that I, and other young Ventrue, should study and seek to emulate." - Jacqueline Hawthorne
  • "The other acquisition teams won't go near her. I'm bringing in the Nephilim. Meet me in thirty minutes." -Father Sean Brady [this is an NPC encountered in the SCR]
  • "You would do well to underline the stark differences between the Tremere and the Infernal, Murielle O'Connor. We're all around you. When the chips are down, it is not Ventrue who will cover your flank." - Thaddeus Moreau