Mx. Pya Obertus

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Mx. Pya Obertus
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Player Bio

Player: Michael Savard

Player Email:

Coordinator: Stephen McCavour

Coordinator Email:

Location: Montreal, QC (South Shore)

Name:Mx. Pya Obertus
Positions:Ductus of Herald of the Babcia
Tzimisce Faction:Neo-Feudalist
Pack:Herald of the Babcia


  • Innate

Initiated into the Sabbat Blessed Ductus of Herald of the Babcia


Notable Traits
  • They are very knowledgeable of the Vampiric clans.
  • They do not recognize the concept of gender as it's a mortal conception.
  • They only embrace Revenants considering that mortals are not worth it.

Known associates
  • Mattyas Szendrey Bratovitch, Packmate and Childer
  • Merovit Zantosa, Ductus of the Aegis of the Voievodat
  • The Grand Mother

  • They have a canvas made of Kindred that once were a Sabbat pack that betrayed Mattyas in his haven.
  • They have something for a trinket.
  • They seem not to care about the Sabbat and Cain much.
  • They TOTALLY hate the Giovanni and are happy that they were not chosen as a Revenant family.
  • They believe that the words used in Ritae are useless, the essence of the ritual is important, as such they tend not to talk during Ritae.

Out of Character
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