My Secret

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Commonly Known Information

Name: My Secret

Notable Traits: South Raleigh Club


Opened in the 80's, My Secret caters to the Goth and Fetish crowds. The club is still known for its Fetish shows. The club is owned by Miranda Pryor of Clan Ventrue. My Secret is within the Prince's Preserve and is Neutral Ground for Anarchs, thanks to negotiations by Charsis.

The club is run by the ghoul Ophelia.

Upcoming Events

Past Notable Events

  • Raleigh History Game, negotiations by the Anarch Ambassador Charsis made My Secret Neutral Ground for the Anarchs and Camarilla.

OOC Information

Player: Lynn Perretta

Player Email:

Storyteller: Chris Rombach

Storyteller Email:

Location: Raleigh, NC