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Character Description



" I'm a Brujah, luv. We invented angry."

"If you're good at something, never do it for free."

" I no longer try to save the world, I just try to get by in it."

" Enjoy the moment, Immortality is not a guarantee."

" Death is a release, not a punishment."

“We have to go. I'm almost happy here.”

“I have to win this now, and for all time, or I’ll fight it every day.”

"Pretend inferiority: And encourage their arrogance."



Name: Myrium Oswald
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 11th
Position: Constable

Sect: Anarch

Accepted, Favoured by Elder Ilythia L'ange Du Val of Clan Ventrue

Notable Traits Intelligent, Professional, polite, proper, efficient


Garrett Zakay, Camarilla,

Tommy,Montreal, Anarch

Allan Grimes, Montreal, Camarilla

Victorious Dead, Childer

Annibelle Oswald (Dead/Retired) 2018

Ellie, Killed in Action, 2019

Known About Her


BrujahClanSymbol.png Joined the Anarch Movement in 1977 - Accepted by Galindo Quinto

BrujahClanSymbol.png Mercenary - Always looking for well paying jobs

[File:BrujahClanSymbol.png|25px]] Morality is never a problem

BrujahClanSymbol.png Specialist in Investigation - Security - Marksmanship - Acquisitions

BrujahClanSymbol.png Originally from London, England

BrujahClanSymbol.png Rarely stays in one place long.

BrujahClanSymbol.png Charming and Professional

BrujahClanSymbol.png Joined the Camarilla in March, 2018

BrujahClanSymbol.png Served as Talon, then as Sheriff

BrujahClanSymbol.png Camarilla screwed her over - rejoined the Anarchs in September 2019

Quotes About Her

BrujahClanSymbol.png "Always striving for more, always in control. She has a way of getting to me." - Mikhail Utkin

BrujahClanSymbol.png "A fine example of the philosopher-warrior her Clan is known for." - Dante Giovanni

BrujahClanSymbol.png "Myrium is a living Maelstrom. One never knows just when the storm may break." -Jared Winters

BrujahClanSymbol.png "This childe helped provide me with the most entertaining night I have had in a very long time." -Elder Ilythia L'ange Du Val of Clan Ventrue

BrujahClanSymbol.png "This one does not shy away nor go quietly, yet she is well mannered. Pleasant company and a very trustworthy friend. -Chimera

BrujahClanSymbol.png "Sheriff Oswald is beautifully intelligent, dangerous, well mannered, seemingly appreciative of my silence, and admirably accepting of my presence. I like her, and it is a honor to work with her." -Luciana Santora DuVal

BrujahClanSymbol.png "Civility. Depth. Impeccable taste. Worthy qualities for any Kindred, and exemplified in Ms. Oswald." - Marcus Antoninus


Name: Ness Klohn
'VSS;' House of Dark Tidings, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

VST: Jessica Lapointe,