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Commonly Known Information
Shadow Name:Myst
Creature Type:Mage
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST CoD-X MA-005D
Player Email:

Simone T

Path-acanthus.pngOrder mysterium.png



The Acanthus seat of the Council of the Silent Sanctum, she is gifted for such a young magus. She is a known master of Fate and a Philosophus of the Mysterium.


2001: Became a councilor at age 21

June 2018: Immediately put on trial upon opening the Consilium.

August 2018: Invitations for a Samhain celebration began circulating through the supernatural circles bearing her name.

October 2018: Killed by Whiterabbit during the Samhain celebration.


  • Her family is well known and feared
  • Whispers say she and Virgam have a "thing"
  • She voted to open the Consilium
  • She was recently put on trial and her defense was: "Stop wasting my time."
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  • "Stop wasting my time." - Myst to... anyone, really.
  • "Must suck to be so old and frail, Deucalion."
  • ((Rumored)) "My father will hear about this!"


  • "The world would be better off if she did not inhabit it." - Khan
  • "There is a reason people call her the princess, and they do not mean to be flattering." - Persona
  • "Sure, invite vampires and werewolves and faeries and monsters and lizard people and every damn fucker that wants to come by. As if we don't have enough fuck-ups as it is." - Virgam