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Name:Naomi O'Mannion
Deed Name:Ancestral Wisdom
Rank:Athro ●●●●
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Fianna
Lineage:Clan O'Mannion
Pack: Temperance
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
Sept: Oak Vale, Wales
Sept Position:Talesinger
OOC Information
Player:Josie R
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Membership #:WTG UK9702-312
OOC Domain:Tradewinds, IRC (England)
Coordinator:WTG TradeWinds DC
Storyteller:TW Apocalypse VST
VSS:Anglesey Apocalypse VSS


Angelsea flag Sept of Oak Vale

character details

Notable Traits:
Long deep red hair often kept in Dreadlocks.
Hazel eyes.
5ft 5".
Bitten, scar on a thigh.
Speaks in soft lilting Irish tones.

Floral Duval Bio.png

Born to a Traveller (Fianna kinfolk) group in Ireland and travelled all over UK & Europe. Bitten into the Nation.

Hell broke loose... and a wolf
sunk its teeth deep into my thigh
I staggered away but the wolf,
steadfastly became part of my body
-an extremity
the pain of the bite subsided
And the Wolf?
I emerged wild and animalistic,
gradually I returned civilised
it loosened its grip and we temporarily parted

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Let me tell you a story.jpg
Dust to Dust in Glynllifon

Two That Agree
Rescue in Glynllifon
Murder of Valhalla's Mercy
Trial 24th November 2017 - Hammer of Justice
Much Change and a Fight
Trial 15th January 2018 - Hammer of Justice
Oak Vale Moot Feb 2018
Creation of Pack Temperance told March 2018
A Bitten's Tale told April 2018
March to the Fight told May 2018
Ancestral Tales and Wisdom told May 2018
Take out the Take-away told August 2018
Rebirth of Oak Vale told Sept 2018
To Hive or Hive Not Told Jan 2019
Are you Coming to the Tree Told Dec 2019

Yule Log Hunting Told Jan 2020
Naomi in performance


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Floral Durvall Rumours.png

  • Naomi tried to teach the importance of books and planning to Grey Fur. Naomi & Grey Fur
  • Naomi is distantly related to Shirley Manson, which explains her beautiful voice.
  • Rumour here please be respectful.

Floral Durvall Quotes.png

  • "Groundless Accusations: It has been brought to my attention that Garou, are wrongly throwing around accusations of relations against the Litany. I have investigated Naomi O'Mannion, Reads the Threads, Adren Galliard Fianna. I have liaised with the Fool of the Oak Vale who similarly has found no evidence of wrongdoing. These accusations must stop. Naomi O'Mannion is innocent of the offence"- Arbiter of Malice Athro Philodox Get of Fenris, Truthcatcher of the Sept of the Oak Vale
  • * "This wolf loves Naomi. Is like family. Understands - in very special way. Is kind and good. Share story, hunt, fun together. Naomi welcome always in den." - LostMoon
  • "Your Quote here".

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Floral Duvall History.png

Basic Timeline:
(available for any PC links)

  • 1991 Born in Ireland
  • 1991-2010 Travelled Ireland, UK & Europe with Family.
  • 2010 Had her first fantasy & fables of Irish short stories published aged 19
  • 2011 Married at age 20 and had 2 kids.
  • 2013 Bitten then had the first Change.
  • 2013 April-Sept spent some time in Canada.
  • 2017 heard the call for help in Wales

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