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Name:Naomi O'Mannion
Deed Name:Ancestral Wisdom
Rank:Athro ●●●●
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Fianna
Lineage:Clan O'Mannion
Pack: Temperance
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
Sept: Oak Vale, Wales
Sept Position:Talesinger
OOC Information
Player:Josie R
Other characters in play
Membership #:WTG UK9702-312
OOC Domain:Tradewinds, IRC (England)
Coordinator:WTG TradeWinds DC
Storyteller:TW Apocalypse VST
VSS:Anglesey Apocalypse VSS


Angelsea flag Sept of Oak Vale

character details

Notable Traits:
Long deep red hair often kept in Dreadlocks.
Hazel eyes.
5ft 5".
Bitten, scar on a thigh.
Speaks in soft lilting Irish tones.

Floral Duval Bio.png

Born to a Traveller (Fianna kinfolk) group in Ireland and travelled all over UK & Europe. Bitten into the Nation.

Hell broke loose... and a wolf
sunk its teeth deep into my thigh
I staggered away but the wolf,
steadfastly became part of my body
-an extremity
the pain of the bite subsided
And the Wolf?
I emerged wild and animalistic,
gradually I returned civilised
it loosened its grip and we temporarily parted

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Let me tell you a story.jpg
Dust to Dust in Glynllifon

Two That Agree
Rescue in Glynllifon
Murder of Valhalla's Mercy
Trial 24th November 2017 - Hammer of Justice
Much Change and a Fight
Trial 15th January 2018 - Hammer of Justice
Oak Vale Moot Feb 2018
Creation of Pack Temperance told March 2018
A Bitten's Tale told April 2018
March to the Fight told May 2018
Ancestral Tales and Wisdom told May 2018
Take out the Take-away told August 2018
Rebirth of Oak Vale told Sept 2018

To Hive or Hive Not Told Jan 2019
Naomi in performance


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Floral Durvall Rumours.png

  • Naomi tried to teach the importance of books and planning to Grey Fur. Naomi & Grey Fur
  • Naomi is distantly related to Shirley Manson, which explains her beautiful voice.
  • Rumour here please be respectful.

Floral Durvall Quotes.png

  • "Groundless Accusations: It has been brought to my attention that Garou, are wrongly throwing around accusations of relations against the Litany. I have investigated Naomi O'Mannion, Reads the Threads, Adren Galliard Fianna. I have liaised with the Fool of the Oak Vale who similarly has found no evidence of wrongdoing. These accusations must stop. Naomi O'Mannion is innocent of the offence"- Arbiter of Malice Athro Philodox Get of Fenris, Truthcatcher of the Sept of the Oak Vale
  • * "This wolf loves Naomi. Is like family. Understands - in very special way. Is kind and good. Share story, hunt, fun together. Naomi welcome always in den." - LostMoon
  • "Your Quote here".

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Floral Duvall History.png

Basic Timeline:
(available for any PC links)

  • 1991 Born in Ireland
  • 1991-2010 Travelled Ireland, UK & Europe with Family.
  • 2010 Had her first fantasy & fables of Irish short stories published aged 19
  • 2011 Married at age 20 and had 2 kids.
  • 2013 Bitten then had the first Change.
  • 2013 April-Sept spent some time in Canada.
  • 2017 heard the call for help in Wales

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