Natalya Krolik

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Natalya Krolik

Name: Natalya Yekaterina Alexeyevna (Krolik)

Age: 22

Notable Traits: Kinfolk, slight of frame

Pack: None

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Sept of Warriors' Wisdom


Natalya has a gymnast's body, standing 5' 2" and slight of frame. She is pale, with dark hair and striking grey-blue eyes. She is also always heavily armed, with no less than 4 guns on her at any given time, all of them custom pieces, and usually in the company of no less than 3 large male body guards.


Natalya was born in New York City in 1996, the daughter of a Russian immigrant dancer, and mob boss Alexi Krolik. Her mother was her primary guardian, but as her father financially supported her and her mother, he was a sometimes visitor.

Natalya was born to be a mafia princess. She got arrested for the first time at 14, for some B&E at one of the many private schools she got kicked out of. She was sent to Russia for a while, to stay with her maternal grandparents, in hopes that it would straighten her out. In fact, it was just the opposite, and after a number of run-ins with law enforcement, she was 'sent back' to the US.

Her rebelliousness, and penchant for crime drew the attention of her father, who decided to bring her into the family business when Nat was just 16. She has thrived ever since, and has risen quickly, proving to be a chip off the old block.

At 17, Natalya met a young man in New York who was in the foster care system. The only name he gave her was Donny. He was a prankster, and after her time spent as a legitimate criminal at this point, she found his pranks amusing, and somewhat carefree. A few pranks, a few drinks, an evening together, and a few weeks later, Natalya realized she was pregnant. Donny had already been moved, and has only recently been able to track him down, finding out that he was a Lost Cub to the Nuwisha.

She has a young son, Dimitri, who is the apple of her eye, and who she hopes will one day follow in her footsteps in the family business. She has also recently added to her family with a new daughter, named for her mate's best friend, Lilly Rodonovich, a Kinfolk who passed away after being Bitten against her will.

There are two things Natalya is absolutely devoted to: Her family, and the business. Anything that threatens either is met with vicious, often fatal reprisal.

Family & Allies

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Alexi "The Red Menace" Krolik - Father

Nicola Krolick - Uncle

Lola "The Red Shadow" Krolik - Aunt

Dimitri Natalyavich Krolik - Son, age 5 (NPC)

Lillian Alexandra Drake - Daughter, born Halloween 2018. (NPC)

Alex Drake - Her mate, and father of her infant daughter. Also, the family lawyer. Has gotten her off of more criminal charges in her younger years than most people could imagine exist.

Rudy Strauss - Nat's best friend and roommate. Deceased as of January 19, 2019, having been Bitten by a BSD.

Donny Verde - Dimitri's father, only recently has she been able to track him down.

Brandy Alexander - 'Gal pal'.


(Feel free to add any that Natalya has said, or that have been said about her)

  • "I think my cousin has designs on me." - Alex Drake, 2006
  • "Now THAT is a girl to cut my nails for." - Brandy to Alex, upon meeting Natalya


(Feel free to add any you like)

  • Ever since her son's birth, Natalya has been celibate, waiting for a proper Shadow Lord mate.
  • Natalya has screwed just about every Bitten or Metis on the East Coast.
  • Natalya breaks easily, in the physical sense. Some say it's because one or both sides of her family carry various genetic issues that caused a birth defect, making her bones brittle and easily broken.
  • Natalya likes being in the mob so much because she is a sadist and a sociopath, and this line of work allows her to indulge both.
  • Natalya doesn't take anyone's shit when it comes to her loved ones. Someone hinted at hurting her girlfriend and Nat had that 44 out and was ready to start blasting.

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