Natalya Zabirov

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Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Assamite (Vizier)
City: Dallas
Coterie: Dallas Defense League
Position: Sheriff


Courteous per Luminary Elder Julian Aurelius Vopiscus
Courageous per Prince Mendo
Defender as Sheriff of Dallas
Privileged as Sheriff of Dallas
Player: Casey O.
Storyteller: VST
Domain: Dallas




  • 1921 - Born in Russia during the midst of the Povolzhye famine to Communist parents fresh out of the civil war. Life was hard and they struggled, even if their name ranked among the local party leaders.
  • 1935 - Her mother passes away. Her father uses his political influence to enter her into a training program meant to produce a new generation of intelligence operatives.
  • 1941 - Nazi Germany breaks the non-aggression treaty and invades the Soviet Union. Still not accomplished enough in her training to go abroad as a full operative, she still had plenty of martial training, on the same level as a soldier, and begged her superiors for permission to kill Nazis after her lover dies in the war.
  • 1955 - Classified. Her father is told that she died on assignment in America.
  • 1955-1962: Classified.
  • 1962-1971: Resided and trained within Alamut with her sire ((DPotM Ref# 2019-02-CVIP-VTM-001))
  • 1970s: Her cell does some contract work for Olaf Magnusson, a luminary Gangrel elder.
  • 1979 - 1989: The Soviet Afghan War. She is known to be operating in/around Kabul, Afghanistan at this time. ((DPotM Reference Number: 2019-001-VtM-0131-012))
  • Early 1990s: Classified.
  • Late 1990s: Classified.
  • Post-1999: The Schism. She sides with the al-Ashrad, having inherent distrust of the zealotry and madness she saw in Ur-Shulgi's ways. She goes on to join the Camarilla for security purposes, as the Loyalists were hunting Schismatics down. She took further steps to security by joining up with The Dallas Defense League.

Natalya is a mundane looking woman. She's just attractive enough, but nothing really stands out. There is nothing particular about her in the least, save a Russian accent (which she often switches off, like magic, in the presence of mortals), resting bitch face , and a perchance for brutal honesty.

This coterie believes strongly in a combined Tower, Anarch and Camarilla, and will stop at nothing to ensure the defense of it within the city of Dallas.

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  • Enemies of Dallas.
  • Destabilizing forces.
  • Tyrants.
  • Capitalists.


  • "A killer. That's a compliment by the way. Because people forget that we're creatures of the night I guess. As long as she has blood, dont count her out of a fight." - Everett Johnson
  • "I invited her to join us in an activity being hosted in the city. She was very quiet, did not seem to like us, and was probably thinking of ways to kill all of us. I'm pretty sure she stole my phone." - Carlos Isandro
  • "Little sister. Notably, she's not the dumbest member of the DDL." - Mendo
  • "She is smart, calculating, defensive, but above all of that she appears to be loyal. She has surrounded herself with a strong alliance, that is capable of much. These are the type to look out for, I would not cross a woman who is smart enough to know she needs allies to cover her weak spots and then finds the best of the best to cover her. - Dulche Trefau
  • "When the chips are down, I'd rather she be holding the stake." - Franklin Walker
  • "She's pissed, and she probably should be. But I am doing this for her. What do I matter, if I can't protect her? I'm here to help take down Bonifacio and clean this city up so Nat can be safe, because I've fucking had enough of her being in danger. I can do this. It's for her. " --Mendo, 24 May 2019


  • She's really a warrior. Have you seen her fight? Absolutely deadly.
  • She can speak with an American accent, but finds it an ugly, annoying sound.
  • She is a spy, and steals phones to gain access to sensitive information.
  • She is descended from Kosto Raav.