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  • 1999 CE - The Red Star
  • 2005 CE - The Ennui (Depression)

Television/Movie/Theater Inspiration

Lyrical Inspiration

Ties Sought

  • Clients
  • Correspondence
  • Demonstrators of Artworks
  • Family/Lineage Members
  • Students

Out of Character Information

Player: Natasha C. Email
Storyteller: David F. Email
Wiki Designer: John R. Email

Scott Family Arms.png

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Domain here
Titles & Positions:


Abiding Status

Fleeting Status



A blended house of lineage and wards of the line of Prince Aysel J. Scott, Des Moines, Iowa. No one knows how extensive the Family Scott was prior to 1999, however current state is the natural bloodline has been all but wiped out by interactions with the Sabbat, Hunters and the machinations around the Red Star and its cults.

The family upholds the ideas encompassed by the philosophy of art; studying the nature of art, including interpretation, representation, expression and form. To these ends, the family supports those who make art, along with those who desire to have and to witness art. The Family Scott are a passionate lot, who are encouraged to follow their passions where they will lead. This leads to many of the family to be part of not only the Camarilla but also the Anarchs.

The Elder of the Family, Prince Scott has created a collective for art, referred to as “The Collective” or the “Commune”. It is an open artistry guild for any clan to participate in. The collective is a showcase that demonstrates art either created by the member or art/artist they have given their patronage of. It is a well known secret that a showcase with the Elder Scott will often give the member access to information and rumors that the Elder has heard.