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Natasha Lynne Smith is a Silver Fang Theurge thought to be a Kinfolk up until a late change in March 2019 with no known ties to any particular noble house, though her bearing does seem quite heroic to those with an eye for such things. Rumor has it that her particular family was in fact nobility at one point but in some way fell from favor, and as such any ties to a house have been long forgotten. Still, she is every inch the lady one would expect of a member of the First Tribe, and as her family has for ages has worked to better herself that she might support the nation, taking up the family trade of smithing ... though much to her family's chagrin, she's taken to the art of gun smithing as opposed to the more traditional swords one might expect.

She has a keen mind with a tongue as sharp as steel and nerves to match - not to mention her skill with a gun which has kept her out of many a sticky situation. She is quick on her toes and sharp of wit, and is rumored to have a marked fascination with Garou genealogy, perpetually finding herself fascinated with trying to map the lineages of those around her in spite of her own seemingly humble (for a Silver Fang) origins.


Natasha is a curvy, pleasant looking woman who appears to be in her mid to late 20s with striking white-blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes. She carries herself well regardless of how she dresses, always managing to carry off a subtle air of self-assured nobility in spite of what some might say about the origins of her family. For those familiar with the Silver Fangs, there is a certain (Heroic) familiarity to her features.

Time Line

  • November 12, 1988 - Natasha Lynne Smith is born in San Diego, CA
  • 2005 - Natasha goes away to study at UC Davis where she studies Political Science and History
  • 2009 - Graduates and immediately returns to San Diego to try to help with the Dark Brigade. It is during this time that she hones her skill as a gunsmith, and gets her Pilot's license to help the local Sept mobilize.
  • 2011 - Natasha's Father loses his battle with Harano, one of the first casualties in the nation from this plague. She withdraws to help raise her younger brothers and sisters as her mother falls in to a deep depression from which she never truly recovers. She remains on the fringes of Garou society, helping when and where she can but largely focuses on her own family and duties as a Kinfolk to raise the next generation of warriors.
  • 2018 - With the last of her younger siblings off at college and the Plague threatening Gaians everywhere, Natasha makes her presence known once more, re-emerging from her self-imposed isolation to return to sept life on a limited basis.
  • March 9, 2019 - Helps to figure out why Firedrake is becoming listless and gaining wyrm taint. Leads effort to cleanse him as most Garou are off on a mission. Not long after, she comes face to face with an apparent Maeljin incarna, frenzies as he taunts the Sept, and has her first change and proceeds to launch herself at it. She challenges for her rite of passage almost immediately.


Rumors, lies and half truths

  • The Smith family are actually a part of a Noble House, but one of her ancestors was cursed to have their name and deeds forgotten.
    • Seriously. "Smith"? That HAS to be a fake name.
    • Tasha seems to get very worked up if asked about this.
  • She was Alexander Morningkill's nanny, among many other prominent young Silver Fangs - that's why she's so unflappable now.
  • She's never taken a mate or had cubs.
    • This is probably because Road to Hell has, to date, chased away every suitor she's had despite being his being Metis.
  • Her elder brother was married to a prominent Silver Fang from a noble house, and sired 4 children with them before passing away.
  • There is speculation that she may be a Stargazer, despite her being brought in by the Silver Fangs.


Through the eyes of her peers

  • "There is more there than meets the eye, and I must say that it fascinates me to no end. What little I have ascertained means that she is beyond worthy...and I will ensure that she finds someone worthy in turn. That you asked speaks well of you, but alas...ultimately you have been found wanting, and so your politeness is unlikely to save you a battlescar. En garde." - Road to Hell
  • "Can't say a bad thing about Tash. She helped raised me, although you'll never hear her take credit for it. I'm ultimately better for having her in my life, and you would be too. Just... Mind the crazy guy with a sword that follows her around." - Alexander Morningkill
  • “Tasha’s first change was a shock to her. And yet, I saw her help cleanse an Incarna that very same day when she believed she was still kin. I have no doubt that Gaia favors her. And I, well I am pleased to call her a friend.” - Inge Hansen
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Details Known by Garou Nation

Name: Natasha Lynne Smith
Deed Name: Ashenborne
Rank: Cliath
Tribe: Silver Fang
House: Unknown
Auspice: Theurge
Age 30

OOC Information

Player: Jessica Hartung US2017080136
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Daniel T. Goode
Contact: San Diego Apoc VST