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Name: Nathaniel James Bates


Clan: Ventrue antitribu

Sect: Sabbat

Faction: Ultra-Conservative

City: St. Catherines, ON

Sire: Catherine Frances FINDLAY (Primogen of Kingston)

Pack: Scales of the Jackal

Lineage: House Castille (descended from Methuselah Gustav Mallenhaus)

Embraced: 1961


Archbishop of St. Catherines


Authority, Glorious, Ordained


Notable Traits:

Known & Notable History

  • Bates served as both Bishop of Resources and Information from 2012 to 2017.
  • Bates chose to step down from Bishop of Information and recommended to the Archbishop that the position go to Bianca Rossi.
  • Bates is an adherent of the Path of Honourable Accord as taught to him by the Ravnos Alessandro Rossi
  • Bates was adopted into the Ventrue Crusader House Castillo.


Bates was Embraced in his early forties. A physically fit man with a lean, athletic build his thinning hair is gray at the temples. Like all Blue Bloods, Bates carries himself proudly. Though confident of his own qualities, he often listens to the words and counsel of those around him so long as they demonstrate respect towards him and his position.


  • Bates was a defector from the Camarilla.
  • Bates Diablerized his Sire before leaving to join the Sabbat.
  • Bates is an secret agent for the Black Hand.
  • Bates is an secret agent for the Inquisition.


  • 1995: Bates Embraced by a Ventrue affiliated with the Camarilla. He makes his home in the domain of Kingston, ON
  • 2010: Bates leaves Kingston and drives to Hamilton to join the Sabbat.
  • 2011: Bates is subjected to months of interrogation by the Black Hand. Later that year, he is accepted into the ranks of the Sword of Caine.
  • 2012: Bates flees Hamilton for St. Catherines during the hunter purges. He seizes the post of Ductus of his pack. With signing of the Chicago Blood Accords, and the settlement of the Sword in St. Catherines, Bates is named Bishop of Resources and Information.
  • 2017: Bates relinquishes the post of Bishop of Information to the Harbinger Bianca Rossi, later that year he becomes Archbishop of St. Catherines
  • 2018: Bates oversees the use of Influence to cover up a massive breach of the Silence of the Blood.
  • 2019: Bates is assassinated by the Lasombra, Parzival Knight.

Quotes from Him

  • "To improve is to change, to perfect is to change often, and to master is to change when others don't expect it."

Quotes about Him

"Bates has proven himself on multiple occasions to be extremely competent and adept at ensuring the longevity of the Sword. So much so that even hundreds of miles away his name is known. Hopefully that doesn't go to his head." -Valerie Evans


  • Francis J. "Frank" Underwood from House of Cards.
  • Iago from Shakespeare's Othello.
  • Hans Gruber from Die Hard.

OOC Information

Player: S. Near

Storyteller: H. Connelly

Game: Crucible of Caine's Fire

Domain: Katharsis d14