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Commonly Known Information


Name: Nathaniel West
Notable Traits:

  • Eerie Presence : Skin Crawls around them
  • Absent Sway Clothing: Variable

Clan: Toreador
Guild: Affectus Per Noctem de Filiis
Lineage: House Kensington
Sire: Aranea Kensington



What can be sai about the creature that is Nathaniel West, other then the fact that he is a walking Hedonistic rose. Always with a quick word or a tongue, it is said his work is sought after for the skills in Leatherworking. Nathaniel came about in 1885, in the Old West in the South Western part of the US. For the most part, was always able to keep a level head and keep the trade of mastering leather working, remaining relatively unknown till in 2000s, began to inspire and give aid to attacks up on Sabbat holdings. Always acting in hit and run tactics to end the enemy. It was around the time of the Blood Accords that Nathaniel gave up on the job, instead choosing to focus instead on a place to start crafting his dreams.

Taking a lead, and going to a city named, Omaha, NE in 20012, taking over the job of the Whip of the Toreador, while taking over a shop called "The Freak Show" in the cities 'Sport's District. An avid provider to the Dark Carnival that happens in the city. He is as well sought at times for the skills of keeping Ink in the skin of Kindred, a secret he guards rather close. As well as offering Piercings, Implants and the like. As always a seeker of Patrons for the Clothing and accessories he creates and lets be seen by all.


  • Was an Avid hunter of the Sabbat from the turn of the Century up until the Blood Accords, a fact he was not happy with
  • Considered a Master of working with Leather, and will create outfits and the same for the right price.
  • Has been Mistaken as a Follower of Set.


Spoken Word

What words can be spoken about the creature that is Nathaniel West, or phrases he has spoken himself

  • "Be glad you are gone, cousin. Things are worse for the family than ever before. I'll be making things worse for the ones responsible. You'd enjoy it." - Landa Salinas
  • "Why are these things such a boring even, can we please get to something more interesting?" - Nathaniel West
  • "I cannot bend. To yield now would be to give up all that I have gained, would you have me broken? Will you follow me into the abyss, into her dark embrace forever?" -Lorena Silva
  • "My youngest childe. I have embraced none since, because I have yet to find any other childe more fitting for me." - Aranea Kensington
  • "Oh, dear Grandsire, you are a troublemaker, moreso than I. But... Could you come here a moment? You've smudged your makeup..." - Julian Motgomery-Westwood
  • "An artist with awl and thread, to the manner born" - Vanator
  • "Every garden has a flower that did not grow the same as the others. You dare not pluck it from the earth for it is that uniqueness that makes it beautiful to behold." - Simon Kensington
  • "Ah the ever lovely Nathaniel West. He and his whole line have to be my favorite toreador. I've been lucky enough to acquire his work. I highly recommend it. He takes personal time to ensure the proper fit of things." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "My dearest Nathaniel, my wild grandchilde; he so loves his mischief. Let us hope he controls it so that I don't have to take his entrails for my new garters." - Christian Gerard Marceau
  • "Ces scies Kensington sont pleins de surprises. Nathaniel prouve constamment qu'il existe plus d'une façon de se déshabiller un chat." - Ludovic Pétion
  • "Yeah, so like who doesn't like to play in the garden and get pricked?" - Karma
  • "Oh, Nathaniel. Such a delightfully twisted and thorny Rose. Were it not for his devotion to the Tower's ideals, he could SO easily be one of us!." Skylar Cayce
  • "A countryman once said, 'Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster.' One wonders if some among the Kindred had to bother battling at all." Anonymous
  • "Nathaniel, There is evil in this world of Betrayal. And I cannot keep you from it." Diego Amador




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OOC Information

Player: Aaron Cox
Storyteller: Ruby Dalton-Martin
VSS: A Dark Carnival
Location: Omaha, NE


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