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Physical Description

Nebsemi’s appearance is something of a mystery, given the Sorcerer’s mastery of Obfuscate and ability to work through intermediaries. They have appeared as everything from a beautiful young woman to an old man, but Nebsemi always speaks with a measured, precise cadence and always appears in hooded garments of pale linen. They are most often referred to with the pronoun appropriate to their presentation, and prefer it that way.

Brief History

The being known as Nebsemi is said to have been an Egyptian slave possessed of arcane talent and mystic ability. Rumors of the existence of Nebsemi intrigued Nakhthorheb, but the ancient was surprised to find himself recoiling as the sorcerer-slave produced storm and flame seemingly from thin air in defense. Nakhthorheb quelled her beast in favor of the notion of having a long-term asset, succeeded in charming the mortal, and was curious to see if Nebsemi’s strange abilities would survive the Embrace. He ultimately won Nebsemi to Set’s cause, claiming the nascent sorcerer as his childer. Nebsemi did indeed retain an arcane connection post Embrace, however, whatever the abilities may have been there before rapidly twisted and darkened. Nebsemi became one of the most skilled practitioners of Akhu (Setite Sorcery) in Egypt and it was whispered that Set favored the accomplished magi. Nebsemi eventually rose to High Priest in the Palace of Veils and is reputed to have mastery of the most obscure of knowledges known to Set’s children.

Current Status

For centuries Nebsemi served as High Priest, though many assumed the sorcerer had fallen into torpor in the 19th century, as they had not been seen at temple or rite in the Palace of Veils for some time. However, rumors of a silent and robed figure in white matching the stature of Nebsemi began spreading ten years ago amongst the Setites, with appearances ranging from Tibet to New Orleans.

Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 100 BCE to 1700 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Any, except Camarilla. Most are Independent Alliance
  • Path: Any, though most are on Typhon-Set
  • Skill: Must have a linguistic focus in Arabic or language suitable to the time of embrace
  • Skill: Must have Occult 4+
  • Skills: One of the following at 3+: Awareness, Linguistics, or Lore
  • Special: All childer are adherents of the Palace of Veils (Setite Temple)
  • Special: Must have the Clan Merit: Setite Sorcery


  • Traits: Childer tend to have more Mental Traits than others.
  • Merits: Merits such as Loremaster, Oracular Ability, and Natural Linguist are not uncommon.
  • Flaws: Most childer of Nebsemi are selected for their natural aptitude and inquisitive nature, so the Curiosity Flaw is common, as are the Flaws: Magic Susceptibility and Cursed given the amount of mystic lore and sources that their childer would encounter during their existence.


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