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Musical Inspiration

A song to her Tribe

A song to her totem

A song to Dhaki

A song to the wraiths she deals with

A song to Bane Bane

A song to her caern

A song from Billy

NefName.JPG Rumors

  • "With a face like that, she must be Metis."
  • "She secretly consorts with the Wyrm, look at that monster."
  • "She's pregnant with a Metis child."
  • "She's recently had a falling out with Dhaki, over a shameful secret"

Out of Character Information

Player: Karen Blythe Email
Storyteller: User:Aaron Hanten Email

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Neferkeptah Harbinger of the Silent Striders Master of the Rite, Sept of Warrior's Wisdom Elder to the Nation

</td> Notable Traits: Neferkeptah is a three eyed wolf with a skull for a face. She wears a bandoleer of ritual components and is rarely seen far from the Shard Seed. Location:Sept of Warriors' Wisdom

CharBackground.JPG Neferkeptah is the named after the Egyptian legend who angered the gods by stealing the book of Thoth (God of Knowledge). There isn’t a name that could be more appropriate. She feels more at home on a Moonpath than on solid ground.



  • "Some call her sister. Others call her teacher. I call her soul mate." Bane-Bane
  • "Whoa yeah, three eyes, a skull for a face and she hangs out in a cave all day. Creepy for sure but once you get past that you'll soon realize that wolf knows more then most about Spirits and the Umbra. She even rivals our own Umbral Dansers" - Bubbles the Destroyer. Latranius Maximus Invictus.
  • "Your quote here..." - Character Name