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Nemo (Yes, they have a real name. But good luck finding that out, or any other information they didn't volunteer, for that matter) is known around Somni as one of the best people to go to for making sure your technology is secure - and for tracking down any information that someone has been trying to hide. Is a talented hacker who's quite secretive about their methods of finding things out (wouldn't want anyone using it against them, right?). Nemo has been known to work with a number of different groups of people and their motivations are not always clear, but they try to use their skills for good, or at least try to avoid harming anyone unless absolutely necessary. Nemo spends most of their free time creating, and interacting in, virtual worlds with intricate graphics and complex storylines. They can often be found hanging around the Stellar Draft. Nemo is extremely socially awkward and seems pretty quiet most of the time, but has occasionally been known to captivate someone's attention by telling elaborate and compelling stories.


  • Pre-4112: ???
  • 4112: Moved to Somni/Trajan.

Appearance/Notable Traits:

Mid-to-late 20s, gender-fluid. Usually wearing clothing with various electronic components attached to it. Looks change fairly frequently, but hair and lipstick are almost always some shade of blue. Has tattoos/scars (?) resembling Lichtenberg figures on various parts of their skin, but these are usually covered by clothing.


  • Is a lot older than they look, and might be some kind of supernatural. (*looks around with paranoid expression* "What? Who's been saying that?!? I'll leak ALL their personal information...after I change all my passwords. Again.")
  • Was one of the lead designers on that game everyone's been playing lately, but doesn't want to take credit for it.


  • "One of our most promising candidates, but - due to recent unforeseen events - we have had to rescind the invitation." - Mysterious Better Society Executive
  • "Oh Nemo's one of my favorites! She focuses on developing virtual realities, but I don't think she realizes how wonderfully she improves this reality too." - Ree
  • “Nemo is the best at what she does, and if you don’t know what she does, you don’t need to know.” - Dante Storm
  • "Your quote here." - Random Person

Character Inspirations:

Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Millennium series), Meerkatnip (TANIS Podcast), Dr. Ana Stelline (Blade Runner 2049)


Space - Nemo (Playlist)

Public Details

Name: Nemo
Type: Human?
Region: The Verge (Somni/Trajan)
Apparent Age: Mid-to-late 20s
Union: Entertainers'

OOC Information

Player: Erica F. (US2017110027)
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Jonathan Nunley
Contact: VST Space, San Diego