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"Well, you need the villain. If you don't have a villain, the good guy can stay home."

~Christoph Waltz~



Name: Nepos
Clan: Lasombra

Class: Elder
City: Tulsa
Sect Camarilla

Embrace Year:  ???
Lineage: Per Fidem
Sire:  ???
Child:  ???

Notable Group Associations:

And Hobbies

OOC Contact Information
Player: Anthony Herbaugh
Player Email:
ST: Emily Keel
ST Email:
Location: Tulsa

Appearances are Deceiving

When not in Elysium Nepos wears a cloak made of shadows around him. It obscures light and most of his futures and face if the hood is down. In Elysium he wears a similar cloak made of cloth that is slightly more reflective and shiny. When the hood is down though his features are striking. He is inhumanly beautiful. His hair is raven black and is stylishly unkept. His hazel eyes seem to shimmer with a maleficence and cruelty as they gaze out at the world. If for but a second when you look at him and something has been put out of place a drop of water or wrinkle in his suit or cloak a tiny little shadowling with empty red eyes move over him and primp and preen him keeping the immaculate look of perfection at all times. (Angelic Presence; ON A PATH)

Lights also dim near him and shadows seem to pool around his feet. (Eerie Presence)

Pubilc Timeline of Noteable events

711 Moorish Invasion of Iberia
1405 Defender at the attack on the Castle of Shadows
1480 Fought Anarchs in Spain
1520 Established as an Elder of the Camarilla
1812 Fights Sabbat in sect war on North America's eastern coast
1832 Traveled with Seminole relocation to Oklahoma
1846 Uses Mexican-America war to fight Sabbat in Mexico
1861 Supports the South in American Civil War
1890 Supports Prince Mollerus’ claim to Tulsa
1921 Helps purge Sabbat from Tulsa during Race Riots
1931 Uses Spanish Civil War to Fight Sabbat in Spain
1998 Defends Millan after Giangaleazzo’s conversion
2000-2009 Acts as a spiritual leader for the clan, leading many from the Sabbat to the Anarchs
2012 Speaks out against the Blood Accords

Rumors(Feel Free to add Your own!)

  • He is Montano's Childe, who saved him from the attack on Castle Shadows
  • He survived the attack on Castle Shadows by mysterious shadow powers
  • He is really a member of the Sabbat
  • He was a priest of the Cainte Heresy
  • He saved an Archon's life that's why he is tolerated in the Camarilla
  • He studied with the Followers of Set and learned their mysterious ways of corruption
  • He is Roman's Sire
  • He has a perverse fascination with members of House Dispar

Looking for Ties?

Lore Master Are you a fellow Loremaster looking to trade lores? Looking for a teacher? You may not regret it..

Spiritual Leader Do you need someone to have helped you regain your humanity in the past? Do you need someone to be the cause of you losing your humanity?

Sect Wars Did you fight with him against the Anarchs and Sabbat? Did you fight against him?

Old Power Do you need a Rival Elder? Do you need to owe Boons? Do you need to have boons owed to you? Do you need to have an elder that your ancilla or neonate did jobs for?

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The Shadow's Have Ears What Do they Hear?

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"My dearest brother, how you vex me so..." - Roman
"I like to think we challenge each other, he challenges my death wish (or lack thereof), and I make him work just a bit harder. It doesn't do us any good to get complacent or lazy afterall" -Lorena Silva
"Do not let his elegance deceive you. He is a man to be both feared and revered. That my venerated tutor is an Elder of my blood fills me with Pride." -Morvenna Mathias
"There are few outside the Sword worthy of debate and discussion. If only he would realize his potential, he could break his chains and truly explore his Faith in the freedom of my sect. Until then, he is to be watched." -Zână
“I would not consider him a friend, no that is not the correct term. Yet, he has forced me to think in ways no one else ever has. Perhaps that makes him more then the term “friend” could accurately describe.” - Enyo
"He is a part of the ivory Tower and therefor feels it is superior. I do not begrudge him this. Whether he or I are right or wrong in our political leanings means little when weighed against the loyalty to our clan. In that he is unflinching and therefor, i do not deny him." - Diego Amador
"He's pretty... Oh lord is he pretty. Almost as pretty as me even, and trust me when I say THAT'S pretty." Lucius Brown
"Lies and Truth, Perception and Reality, Nepos, he has seen much, though I am still unsure if he really understands what he has seen, though I must admit that I do have my hopes in this regard ..." Basir

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