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Nerissa Flax, Cyberpunk Miss Marple

Known Aliases: Nerissa Flax, Nerry, Granny

Concept: Cyberpunk Miss Marple, Enchantress of Numbers

Notable Traits: A discrete air of dignity, eloquent and educated, except for when she speaks in cheerful nonsense. Light grey hair, looks quite old even for a supernatural. Chronic static shock/cling problems.

Species Designation: Mage

Contracts: Caldera Academy, previously Mayhem and Slaughter, Attorneys at Law

Location: Caldera System

Path rune obrimos.png Conservator Union Order rune mysterium.png


Nerissa Flax, known as "Granny" by many across the Expanse and Verge, is an unassuming little old lady with a long list of references for her work as an executive assistant and general IT person. She often uses her chosen career path to follow xeno-archaeology, and has done so for over a century, often seeking positions as secretary to academics and explorers.

While Miss Flax is contracted to a the law firm of Mayhem and Slaughter at this time, and not looking for any new long term contracts, she may be available for temporary and part time jobs on the side. But if she can't help you she likely knows someone who can. She is also a long time member of the Conservator's Union, having joined during the Silent War to provide tech support to medical teams, and perhaps hotwiring busted ships and medical equipment to help the wounded. Previously she was a member of the now defunct Valet Union.

The down side to using her dayjob to break into archaeology was inevitable run-ins with criminal elements over the years, leading to rumors of both forgery and well-trained violence on her part. It's difficult to reconcile that reputation with the frail, decrepit woman she is today, but she wasn't always this old...

Nerissa's old lease on Strugni Space Station ran out recently, leading to a few nomadic months with the law firm while she looked for new a new residence. Recently she became acquainted with the Caldera System, where she's looking to build a little retirement home on the planet Hestia once things settle down. It's even-odds as to whether she'll actually retire.

Mysteries of Circuit, Code, and Computation

As a long time member of the Mystagogues, Miss Flax's skills in computers, data retrieval, and mathematics have been helpful in many digs and recovery efforts. Employed as a secretary to countless archeologists and explorers over the last hundred years, she's found herself searching for all kinds of history.

When the discovery of a lifetime could be a three thousand year old pre-Purge harddrive, or a lost Colonial starship full of forgotten tech, even the secrets of the ages themselves need a solid IT department.

And considering the xeno-archeological elephants in the galaxy- StarNet and the Stygian Gates - Cyphers are both magically symbolic and mundanely practical in analyzing, or protecting, ancient technological mysteries of the past.

If You Can Save One Person, You Have Saved the Galaxy

In her private life Granny Flax has a soft spot for lost souls (sometimes literally Lost) and does what she can to help the less privileged folk fleeing the Core, people recovering from shock and trauma, and those down on their luck who just need a temporary place to crash. She often helps these orphans and wanderers find employment suitable to their interests and skills, occasionally taking them in as her own "interns" with whatever company employs her at the time.

G-Flax, The Nebula

Dubious Intel

  • In addition to her secretarial work, often files something as "Additional Physical Services" with the Union.
  • Super-hacker with plans to overthrow the Protectorate going back 200 years.
  • Ass kicking archaeologist adventurer from like 100 years ago.
  • Makes great coffee in two settings: "Nice" and "Overclocked." Be very careful not to confuse the two.
  • Her only surviving lovers and exes tend to be Vampires, she's outlived all the others.
  • Alek named the G-Flax drink after her, for undisclosed reasons ;-)
  • She's really a Proximi pretending to be a Mage, her magic is weaksauce.
  • Professional gambler with criminal syndicate ties.
  • Worst Lich evar.
  • ... Why is there a rubber duck on your desk?


  • "All wolves are good wolves. Twelve out of ten!"
  • "It's not that I have secrets, dear. It's just that after almost 200 years there are far too many tales to unpack in one conversation."
  • "Let's just say if my mouth were to write those checks now, my a$$ would not be able to cash them."

Social Media

  • "She's one the reasons I'm still doing what I do. Anyone hurts her, I will end them." - Cowboy
  • "She was absolutely invaluable as an executive assistant/tech guru/paralegal. Now she's invaluable as our computer science department head. And she finds such interesting 'strays'." - Atty. Keren Mayhem
  • "She makes good cookies."- Exo
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  • Coming soon

IC Connections Sought

  • Old friends, enemies, frenemies.
  • Professional and archeological ties of all levels of legality.
  • Old lovers. Very old. She doesn't really have the stamina left for anyone new.
  • References/former employers relating to her IT and executive assistant skills.
  • Lost souls she helped get back on their feet at one time or another, all creature types and social classes welcome.
  • No biological family.

Character Inspirations

  • Miss Marple
  • Ada Lovelace (history & webcomic)
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Shepherd Book

Music of the Spheres

  • "Burn Me Out (Strowlers Anthem)" - S.J. Tucker
  • "In the House of Mama Dragon" - S.J. Tucker
  • "Lily" - Kate Bush
  • "Renaissance" - Paolo Buonvino & Skin
  • "Waiting to Be Told" - Blaqk Audio
  • A ridiculous number of Iris songs
  • Playlist via Youtube

OOC Information

Player: Cris Fisher

Player Email: Chrysilla at gmail dot com

Storyteller: Sean M.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Caldera System (OOC: NYC VSS)