New Zealand Night Market

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Night Market History

  • Established by a colorful assortment of various vendors.
  • Market is open to guest vendors who may be here tonight or gone the next time as life on the road various show to show.
  • The curious shopper can find a variety of mundane and unique wares.

Meet the Vendors!

Name: Brock Heron

Selling: bootleg DVDs (the best selling american movies, some of them still in theatrical release. Quality varies wildly)

100 2322.jpg Note: change flag to New Zealand 44186440-used-cds-for-sale-at-flea-market.jpg 9413917232 593490931c b.jpg

Name: Cara Rico Selling: Craft supplies (generally second hand, think yarn only labeled with composition, weight, and yardage, fabric ends, half-filled ink, an assortment of used expensive supplies that being second-hand might make accessible to less well-off artists)

HANKS-OF-COLOR.jpg Flea-market-yarn.jpg Bead-vendor.jpg

Name: Jay MacDougal Selling: Replica Weapons (mostly. Think Museum Replicas, then downgrade that a notch. The special items are all high-quality but presented as antiques or collectables

Knivesflea.jpg 85065811 831132054071288 6691344161899338393 n.jpg

Name: Tipene Note: is Maori native Selling: modern Maori artifacts (the seller is Maori, and seems to be doing a good business selling Maori wares to tourists - possibly on behalf of other Maori artisans).

WTIRx3czrM7yIO3SXGr3kKf8-maori-artifacts-maori-art-and.jpg Souvenir flea.jpg

Name: Rainbow Clark

Note they/them pronouns Selling: okay musical instruments (mostly used good-quality western instruments, but their booth is next to Tipene’s and some of the instruments appear to be Maori in origin

Fc6be8b194a56746d37b5c21dacf093c.jpg Musiker-Flohmarkt-108-797x531.jpg

Name: Sandy Marshall

Selling: Kitchen wares (think heavy, sturdy pieces like you might find at an estate sale - the next generation didn’t want it? The next generation is foolish).

Pots-and-Pans.jpg 31d682b8e5f0b0d78f0b92b1da256ea4.jpg

Name: Markus Powell Selling: used books and art (an assortment of used and antique books on lightweight shelves, a few sculptures and statues on the table. A few open wall spaces have classic “READ” library posters with your favorite celebrities for sale.

Flea-market-barcelona-flohmarkt-mercat-port-antic-5.jpg Books-galore-beth-williams-canvas-print.jpg

name: Avery Wind Selling: Random Antiques (is it old and not listed above? It’s here. Everything is in working order - the prize of the collection is a working jukebox that still plays records (records are in another milk crate). Neon signs? Yes! Antique toys and dolls? Yes!

Flea-market-paris.jpg 43382 og 1.jpeg Used-items-mercat-dels-encants-barcelona-spain.jpg

Name: Amiria Taumata Bringing cats to find homes.

Cats-adoption-960x640 c.jpg Kittens+mgn+pieter+lanswer+wikimedia.jpg

Guest Vendors


Raj tent.jpg

Name: Vidal St. Croix Selling: Hand blown glass items ranging from lamps, candles, vases, other art style pieces. Custom jewelry with glass center pieces ranging from decorative costume attire for a night on the town to items with occult themes. Custom work done while you shop the market.

Note: This is a pc vendor open for ties.

G4.gif Bella-Champagne-sculpture-by-jack-storms-art-glass-glass-sculpture-glass-art-contemporary-art-modern-art-contemporary-sculpture-2.jpg Mandara-r7j7028.jpg Clear-amerdale-table-lamps-aa16055-64 1000.jpg Cobalt-Thorn-Bowl-by-Andrew-Madvin-500x417.jpg Satava 07.jpg Unnamed (699).jpg 28796114127 4d02ff0cc1 b.jpg Caged-glass-galaxy-pendant-with-opal-planet-cremation-ash-2.jpg Spiral-galaxy-cremation-pendant.jpg