Niccolo Giovanni

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Niccolò Giovanni


Physical Description

As a Premascine, Niccolo has a corpse like appearance. Unlike many of the modern Giovanni, he was a monk in his mortal life. In private he continues to wear robes like those from the time period of his embrace. The skin of his face is pulled tight, most of his hair has fallen out, and his eyes have taken on a milky white pallor.

Brief History

Niccolo was a trained scholar and a talented linguist. He was brought into the Giovanni Clan through the Proxy Kiss by Augustus, himself. He made his way to the Monastery of Shadows at Erciyes, with the aid of an unknown supernatural agent. In the monastery's library he was similarly led to a hidden alcove, where he discovered a book bound in human skin containing the most complete copy of the Book of Nod he had ever encountered. Over a period of several nights, Niccolo copied out this and several subsequent texts left in the hidden alcove, along with the commentary left by previous scholars. Eventually the alcove became sealed, which Niccolo took as a sign that his permission to access these tomes had ended. He compiled his copies, along with his journals and a private letter to Augustus Giovanni, which ends with an ink-blot. The texts were delivered to his family back in Italy. In 1400 CE Niccolo went into seclusion but following the events of the Red Star he has emerged and become active in the affairs of the Independent Alliance.

Current Status


Known Childer

Saul Rothstein
Ricardo Valentino Giovanni
Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
Antonius Marcellus Giovanni di Jovan

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 1200 CE to 1400 CE. Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Independent Alliance
  • Path: Any. Death and the Soul is preferred. Heaven is not unheard of.
  • Skills: Childer must have Linguistics and Lore at 3+
  • Special: Childer must possess the Premascine merit.
  • Special: Niccolo refuses to embrace individuals of martial inclinations. PCs with the Mook Merit and/or primarily physical will not be seen as someone of interest to Niccolo as potential Childer.


  • Special: Childer of Niccolo are always Necromancers of some skill.
  • Special: Childer of Niccolo tend to fixate or obsess over particular arcane artifacts, theories or relics.
  • Special: It is recommended that Childer spend VIP to own copies of special texts.


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