Nicholas "Tricky Nick" Birch "Blindsider"

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Tricky Nick reworked.jpg

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Nicholas "Tricky Nick" Birch "Blindsider"

Notable Traits: wiry rather than scrawny; looks spindly; face a bit gaunt

Pack: Rangers

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: no sept




  • "Blindsider" is way cockier than he deserves, but it gives him spunk.
  • Have you ever seen what he can do with a length of rebar at 60 miles per hour? It's ugly...
  • Wanna see how important leverage is to combat? Watch him. He's a study in it.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: NPC

Storyteller: VST IN-013-D Bloomington

Storyteller Email:

Location: Bloomington, IN