Nicholas da Costa

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Nicholas "Daddy-O" da Costa


Commonly Known Information


Name: Nicholas “Daddy-O” da Costa

Alias: Nick, Nickolas, Nikky the Blade, Big Daddy

Sect: Anarch (Revisionists, FreePress)

Clan: Brujah (Idealists)

Social Class: Ancillae

Coterie/Gang/Krewe: The Cherokee Club


Fleeting Status/Rep:

  • Connected (by Baron Victor McCoy of Marksville)
  • Honorable (by Baron Victor McCoy of Marksville)
  • Thug (by Constable Jean of Marksville)

Abiding Status/Rep:

  • Committed
  • Mandate (as Baron)
  • Authority (as Baron)



Nicholas is a classic greacer and wears typical biker attire common in the 1950’s. His black hair is slicked back in a pompadour style. Nicholas will show his vanity by taking the opportunity that he still “look cool”. He speaks with a New Yorker accent, heavy use of slag to conceal his meanings, often his voice is low and soft spoken.



• Sire: Meg Sloan

• Broodmate(s): November, Lash Forrester

• Childer(s):Peter O'Sholas (destroyed)

Rumors (Feel free to add more)

• Nicholas is really a Gangrel

• Works a pirate radio

• Has a mean-on for Sabbat


Partners in Crime & Business Associates


  • 1923 - Nicholas was born in Queens, New York.
  • 1941 - He enlisted in the US Army tank division. Fought in World War II.
  • 1955 - Embraced in Seattle, Washington.
  • 1980 - Sired Peter O'Sholas.
  • 1985 -
  • 1993 - Had spent time with numerous Anarch gangs in the east cost of the United States.
  • 1999 -
  • 2005 - lived alone in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Avoiding much of Kindred politics as possible.
  • 2017 - {Campaign Begins}
    • Arrived in Louisiana. Becomes Baron of Marksville after organizing rescue mission for a captured Anarch.
    • In the first time in a decade, Nick unified the local Anarchs into a formidable force which threatened the power Camarilla Prince in Alexandria, Charles DuVal of clan Ventrue.
    • Nick made a business pact with the Independent Alliance and obtained holdings within Natchitoches.
  • 2018 - {Campaign Continues}
    • Believing that the Sabbat were attacking the Anarch Movement of Lake Charles, Nick issues a Call to Arms, later to discover it was orchestrated by unaligned Gangrels under the guidance of the Ventrue of House DuVal.
    • The Tremere Prince, Louise Alvintzi of Alexandria had surrendered the city of Lake Charles to the Anarch Movement. Before they were able to obtain full control, the unaliened Gangrels and few mutinous Anarchs betrayed and began to overthrow all those they deemed as "outsiders", others were even taken as ransom. Nick was forced to step down as Baron and pose himself in exile in hopes to calm the situation, falling back to his holdings in Natchitoches.
    • Nick helps rebuild Natchitoches with a few loyal Anarchs.
    • With the help of the Red Queen, Nick and others have disabled both hunter cells in Alexandria and taken more feed grounds.
    • After a long string of disappointments from the kindred society, Nick has chosen to volunteer to enter torpor. (ooc The character retires)

OOC Information


  • Runaway by Del Shannon
  • Who Was in My Room Late Night by Butthole Suffers

Character and Real Life Inspirations

  • Johnny Cash


Player: MDR

Member: us2002034194

Storyteller: John S.

Location: Natchitoches, LA.