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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Veronica "Nicky, Leads the Charge" Spencer-Kim

Notable Traits: Black Fury, Ahroun, Fostern, Homid, not always stated in that order.

Pack: None at this time

Sept: [Sept of the Eastern Skies]


Nicky is a relatively new arrival to Garou society at the Sept of the Eastern Skies, claiming to have spent a great deal of her time in the wild with her pack and other Black Furies. She occasionally speaks bitterly of an old pack and a betrayal, so there must be something about that. She's twenty-one years old, and probably as or more eager to fight than she was when she first changed. It's slightly less common knowledge (though not a secret) that she's a camp defector, having chosen to follow the Concordat of Stars in recent months.


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  • Nicky was adopted into the Black Furies.
  • Nicky secretly likes her Deed Name, but still refuses to use it much for unknown reasons.
  • Nicky betrayed her pack and they cast her out.
  • Nicky didn't betray her pack, but they turned their backs her for a good reason.
  • Nicky secretly likes crude jokes.

Quotes by Nicky

  • "I think I'll stick to puns, thank you."

Quotes About Nicky

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