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Commonly Known Information

Name: Nicola Catan

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 1: Brilliant periwinkle blue eyes.

Fame 1: Creature Expedition Guide/StarNet Star (Safari Guide)

Union: Explorer


  • 4081, Born in the Verge as an Outworlder
  • 4102, Leaves home to start her ‘Safari’ business, hires Ehroth (Eric Wroth) as a bodyguard.
  • 4106, Vanishes from everything and everyone she loves. This is a time that she does not speak of often.
  • 4116, Finds her way back from where she had been.
  • 4117, Starts doing her business of ‘Safari’ guide again, this time with a huge StarNet presence.
  • 4118, Moves to the Wayfinder and hires Quig as her pilot/medic.


  • She went away for all of that time because she was pregnant!
  • Experienced dragon-tamer.
  • Fearlessly pursues and braves the unknown at every opportunity.
  • Never documents the same animal twice, because then she eats them.


  • "Supports local business! Love for animals shines through, from moment meet. Iskra cannot wait to talk more about all creatures Nicola has seen, especially Draconis! " - "Iskra"
  • "Life is weird yet Nicola still being around makes life much more interesting. Her story will be a great adventure to watch unfold." - Magnus Duskthorne
  • "There are... no simple words to describe what Nicola is to me. There's no way of explaining the impact she had, and continues to have. Let's just say neither I nor Flicker would be who we are today without her." - Ehroth

OOC Information

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