Nigel Dixon

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Nigel Dixon

Common Knowledge

City:Washington, DC
Player:Michael Prettiman
Storyteller:Jason Patton


Name: Nigel Dixon

Aliases: N/A

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 1860s

Generation: Pretender Elder

Current Location: Washington, DC

Position: Sheriff, Tremere Primogen

Standing: *Acknowledged* member of the Camarilla, *Confirmed* Ancilla, *Nobel* Primogen, *Enforcer* and *Privilaged* Sheriff

Rank (Tremere only): Magister

Notable traits: Large, bearded, Caucasian, wears Chinese mandarin jackets, carries a Rudraksha bead mala

Further Research May Reveal...


What was... (Lineage)

  • Unknown (7th Generation)

What is... (Facts)

  • Spent his early years as a kindred in Hong Kong
  • Has demonstrated mastery of Auspex and the Path of Blood
  • Can transform into an owl or tiger

What may have come to pass... (Rumors)

  • He can kill you with his mind.
  • He can't be photographed or recorded.
  • He's actually a Gangrel who has infiltrated the Tremere.
  • He taught his Nos friend The Magpie to use Protean.
  • He's studied the secrets of the Cathayans.
  • He is a Cathayan. That's why his lineage is unknown...
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Words overheard... (Quotes)

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Character Ties


Friends & Allies

Other Associates

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Character Inspirations

  • Detective Inspector Chen
  • Egg Shen
  • Harry Dresden
  • Columbo
  • John Taylor

Out of Character Information

Nigel Dixon

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Washington, DC
Player: Michael Prettiman
VST: Jason Patton

Player: Michael Prettiman
Membership Number: US2002022648
Location: Greensburg, PA
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