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Commonly Known Information

Name: Nigel Langley

Notable Traits: Society: Independent Clan: Ravnos


Known as: Nigel Langley, Niles, Neil, Colonizer.

1672 - Born in Calcutta to influential parents within EIC. British citizen born abroad. He grows up in the east India Trading company finding some success as a young man, often traveling with shipments.

1699 - Embraced in New Amsterdam, New York. During what would have been a routine trade run to the Americas by Leena Patel (Nikki Boyles Us2002021955). While the two have much in common, they are both too hard headed to be able to get along. After a year, the two split, and Nigel begins return to Calcutta.

1700- Nigel Continues to work in the EIC, and stay on the fringes of Ravnos society, for fear of becoming declared Chandala (Caitiff). Begins trading with Britain in Saltpetre (potassium nitrate) due to a loophole, it’s not taxed as a salt or gunpowder and leads to great proffits.

1770 - Bengal famine impacting tea trade

1773 - tea act impacting autonomy in trade with the Americas. Growing tensions foreshadow that he’ll have to return.

1774 - opium trade out of bengal involvement with qing dynasty - deals with setites (NPCs)

1781 - Cornwallis takes Hastings place as the head of the EIC.

1796 - Assists with occupation of British Guiana/Surinam, And meets Helmut (Sam Bashline US2014020070) Begins healthy trade with him through many of his advisements.

1812 - U.S. declares war on Britain over British interference with American maritime shipping and westward expansion.

1820 - returns to British Guiana (Surinam) delivering Saltpetre on the way to US. Helmut has visions and warns him vaguely of the events of the civil war and to steer clear of certain places and events.

1821 - Cornwallis surrenders to washington at Yorktown. Nigel arrives state-side just post surrender, deciding that American may be more exploitable despite the lack of representation of the EIC.

1834 - trail of tears - georgia -> Oklahoma follows months later mistaking “indians” as Indians as opposed to native americans.

1845 - Pushed by “Manifest Destiny” to move westward towards california.

1861 - civil war begins, but Nigel largely avoids it through westward expansion.

1853 - Heads to sacramento, CA ahead of the transcontinental railroad completion in hopes of reestablishing some sense of trade and Castes, meets Feng Bai Hu (Eric causeway Us201802095) and starts a long discovery of the concepts of a malleable Svadharma. Stays to help maintain the temple in Feng Bai Hu’s absence until the early 1900s.

1865 - homestead act exploited for land and proffit.

1900s natureboys of southern california -roots of the “hippie movement”

1917 - world war 1 , invests in the scrap metal trade, is thrilled to be selling the government trash at such a huge profit. Continues through world war 2, and still to this day.

1922 - Worked with Gunnar (Raymond Sweetsir US2006078242) in Owensboro, KY to legitimize Setite and Giovanni prohibition activity as being strictly “mortal related” and doing nothing more than boosting local Camarilla underworld influence with supply of product.

1955 - Adopts a herd for about 20 years with a group of hippies,who were living communal and seeking spiritual guidance outside Judeo-christian tradition

1970-1985 - Rajneesh movement. Cherry Picks a childer and Ghoul from the movement. Leaves the town of Antelope,OR once the movement starts to take on local and state government.

1980s - Tour de france reunites a childhood love of bicycles, being the only real modern form of technology changes he keeps up with. 1999 - Week of Nightmares.

2000-2010 - Returns to Feng’s temple seeking congress in the wake of the week of nightmares, seeking refuge and to evaluate the events and the effect they had had on his spiritual side and the change in role that he now has in both clan and religion.

2011 - Creates his 2nd ghoul, an ultra spiritual spin class yogi.


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